Mam. question.

hablu(z8 Netherlands)November 14, 2005

Hello all,

Bringing all my cacti inside this weekend (and broke my back)a came upon a half-forgotten Mam. with very green buds. So green that I think the flower will be greenish too. Up till now I never saw or knew of a Mamm. that has green flowers. Any suggestions??? Will place a pic later this week (to busy at work) greetz Hablu

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Mammillaria heidiae has yellow-green flowers.

Also, parodia haselbergii ssp. graessneri has green flowers and could be mistaken for mammillaria.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mammillaria heidiae

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cactuspolecat(Tasmania Aust)

Heidiae is the only Mamm that I know of with greenish flowers.
It'll be interesting to see the pic.


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