Id Please & Can I Use Crazy Glue???

cattleya17(6b/NY)November 5, 2008

Hello my friend asked me if i grew air plants and i said no. so she sent me one! and its really awesome but no roots! i understand that roots are there only to anchor the plants not to take up water or deliver nutrients. the leaves do all that. so i was wondering, this little guy only has a stub where she tore it off i guess?? im new to air plants and did research. so i was hoping you could maybe id it as well ill include pics! can i use crazy glue or a glue gun to attach it to something??? Thanks in advance for all the help!!!!! Also as im sure you can tell by the pics it fits in the palm of my hand. hehehe once again thank you so so so much for the help (In Advance) i totally appreciate it!

The Stubs

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I wouldn't use crazy glue....mono filament fish line is an option...liquid nails...E6000 are good to hold them in place until they attach to the stone or wood you mount to. Nothing is permenant if it is constantly wet...once the roots attach then the plant should be stable

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