butterfly bush from seed

pvelJune 14, 2011

How difficult is it to grow Buddleia from seed? Thanks

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bob_71(z7 MD)

In many places, they are considered as an "invasive" species due to their prolific seed production and their easy germination. Most of the more spectacular varieties are hybrids and while they produce seeds, they will not usually be "true" to the parent plant...i.e., plants will be different colors and will have different growth characteristics. If you are just after butterfly bushes, they can be considered easy to grow.



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I grew 3 white profusion from seed last year. 2 were white and the other was a more vigorous grower and purplish. (maybe it has cross bred?)

I also got 8 zinnia zahara plants at a sale. Only one turned out to be the "true" flower. The rest are either red or white.

Depending on the species of butterfly bush, cuttings may be a better option for you. Good luck, Tony

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Any more information on this would be great - I have managed to start 3 buddleja plants from mixed seed (so I have no idea what species/cultivars they are) and whilst they're fairly vigorous they're not growing very fast.

Sown last August, indoors, they overwintered and then grew very quickly in spring but seem to have stalled since they were put outdoors. At the moment they are in large, well drained pots in the sunniest spot in the garden - any idea why their growth seems to have stalled at about 6 inches tall?

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The ones I started from seed last summer grew very slowly. In August they started to take off and each produced one flower head in early fall. This year they are growing much faster and will be full of flowers. Give them some time...

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Thanks, coolbutterfly - so long as I know that they're 'normal' for their age then I'm happy to let them be =)

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Invasive is such a negaive term : ) I planted 4 and they plant volenteers all around my yard. I love it. I leave the ones in places I like & give the ohers to friends!

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well I got some broken branches from the home depot store they took right off, I've just about every color now LOVE THEM! not invasive here! whack them back a few inches from the ground if they get too tall. they're just like forsythias in our area

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msmorningsong(SW FL 10A)

pvel, I give mine a regular dose of appropriate amount of 'Osmocote' plus fertilize weakly with blue Miracle Gro every two weeks. I bought mine as seedling plants in Feb. They are already about 3 ft. tall. Perhaps the fertilizer and Osmocote is doing this, Osmocote has extra trace minerals that MGro does not. Correct me guys if I'm wrong, I don't have the bottle sitting here to read ;)

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