Red of Hue is the Aloe of Bullock

jeffrey_harris(San Diego, CA)November 26, 2005

This is Aloe tauri, going into flower for the first time.

Normally a dusky red, the combination of the camera flash and wet leaves gives it a look that it doesn't deserve - it's not one of those gaudy, painted Aloes, no sir, not at all. We don't have that sort of thing in this country.

Still, better red than dead....

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cactusdan19(z5b NE)

Beautiful Jeffrey,
I have some seedlings of some Aloe that are supposed to be on the red side. I hope they grow true to form.

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jeffrey_harris(San Diego, CA)

Here's a thumbnail of an overall pic - it's truer to the actual color, but still doesn't quite capture the essence of red bull that partially defines this lovely.

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rpw53(south Florida)


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deefar(zone 5 NY)

That is a beauty. Someday I will be fortunate enough to own one. Until then, I will have to drool over yours.


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Yep, that's a real beauty! On seeing it, my eyeballs must've popped out a bit, because my contact instantly dislodged (it really did!)

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cactuspolecat(Tasmania Aust)

Beautiful Jeffrey, Love the colour, it's quite stunning.


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Ohio_Green_Thumb(Zone 5b NW Ohio)

Just beautiful Jeff! I've been tempted so many times to get one of these, but without a greenhouse I wouldn't have the room it deserves. Truly beautiful, thanks for sharing.

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