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averil(8b)April 8, 2013

Hi folks I am after some advice. I grew my first brug last year and it did very well. However it grew more shrubby than tall. I have taken a couple of long cuttings which rooted well and are now potted up. I want them to grow more "tree" shaped. Do I just remove growth points from the stem or do I need to treat the points where the leafs will sprout with anything to discourage growth and encourage growth at the top.
I hope this makes sense
Kind regards
Averil uk

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Some are just more bushy in form by nature you can root the long cuttings and just remove the side leaves as they grow leaving the top growth to form a Y so it will bloom. There is nothing that I know of to treat it so growth doesn't form.

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Thank you fool4flowers. I shall do as you advise and see how it goes. Thank you very much

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