tips for seed starting?........

sunlicious(4)April 16, 2012

getting completely frustrated. i ordered fragrant peach brugs and black currant swirl datura. planned on growing them in containers. anyway, i had 0% germination rate on both (from first batch of seeds---approx 10 of each). i notified the sender and they were gracious enough to send me approx 10 more seeds of each. i have had no success with the first try of the second batch. before i try the last few seeds of the brugs and dats, i thought i would see if anyone had any "tips". not like starting perennials/annuals are anything new to me as i have started many of each over my years.


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Hi Tia-
Hopefully, you have fresh seeds. Just plant them in moist mix and give them a warm situation. (over 70*)Let them go a little dry, then water again. Some angels can take a while (a month or so, depending on variety) Some come up in a few days. Some folks say to peel and soak the seeds, but I've learned that that can cause rot and fungus. So I've just popped the seeds in grow mix in little cell paks and lightly cover. They were up in less than a week. Hope this helps!

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ummmm, tia is short for "thanks in advance". ;)

well, that's pretty much what i have done---i used miracle gro seed starter mix to begin with. now i am using the cell paks. i hope i can have some luck.

btw (by the way), thanks for the chuckle! hehe

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Tia, (for lack of a name)
I never saw tia before, either. I guess us old guys just aren't into the acrynym stuff. We just say "thanks in advance" and such. Crazy I guess. I have horrible luck with germination also. I get about 1/3 of the seeds to grow. I have read about starting seeds in all sorts of mixtures but I think it must be a moisture thing. Not too much and not too little, but how do you know?
GL2U :-)

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