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drvongirlApril 18, 2010

Hi everyone, I have 3 brugs now that I got from Country Gardens... Serendipity, georgia peach, and dr seuss. I want to know if I can leave them outside overnight now. And what is the lowest degree above 32 that I can? I am getting tired of dragging the pots in and out and also I am worried about bugs getting to them, I guess there is no way to avoid that, but should I be spraying them with something? I have one noid that I have been putting out and it seems like every time I do i get a hole or something in one of the leaves. Am I worrying too much?Thanks in advance, Ellen

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threas(z7 PA)

Hi Ellen! Welcome! As far as putting your brugs out, the leaves will get damaged from the sun anyway. So you can strip your plants of leaves. I know, sounds drastic, but the leaves will grow in acclimated to the sun. As long as you don't get freezing temps, they should be OK outside. I have some of mine out and we've been close to freezing a few times.


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I'm in 7a and mine have been outside for a couple weeks. We've dipped into the upper 30's a couple times with minimal, if any damage. I think you'll be fine and like Theresa said acclimating them to natural sunlight will scorch the foliage anyway.

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Thanks Theresa and Karyn, out they go!!

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yaslan(8 WA state)

I too am tired of dragging my brugs in and out of the house! Glad to know I can leave them outside now. ( :

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