When to transplant sedlings and how?

sqftgarden_in_wncMarch 11, 2007

VERY new to cacti and succulents. I, as an experiment, sowed some Cacti mix seedlings indoors just using Schultz Cacti and Succulent Mix. Doing fine so far, About 14 have sprouted so far- from 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch tall. No problems with damp off, mold etc. They are in sanitized yogurt containers in Ziploc bags and in sanitized 1/2 liter plastic soda bottles. 2 of the sprouts are in a sanitized plastic egg carton with ventilation. The best growth so far is the ziploc bags. They are all in a sunny window during the day, not full sun and I try to keep the soil moist and a little condensation going.

So, what's next? When do I transplant and how? What soil? What environment? I guess I am so new to Cacti and Succulents that, heck, I may not even know the right questions to ask! Any direction or help would be greatly appreciated.

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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

You can happily leave them until they are all touching. Beyond that most will be OK, but they won't grow as quickly as they might with more space, so that's when I transplant.

It sounds like yours are only a few weeks old, maybe a couple of months, too early to be transplanting yet. Keep the bags on until you start to get moss or algae growing, unless you have extremely sensitive species.

Keep them out of the sun, especially the ones in bags. Baby cactus don't like direct sun. Some of the tougher ones you can start to introduce to the sun at maybe three or four months old. Even then you'll probably want to hide them under a layer or two of newspaper.

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They are about a month old.
The list on the seed packet said it contained the following:
Fishhook Barrel
Dollar Prickly Pear
Desert Prickly Pear
Christmas Cholla
Cane Cholla
Santa Rita Prickly Pear

Special instructions for any of these? Any that take a really long time to germinate? Is there a way to ID my cacti seedlings?

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How are yours doing? Do you have any pictures? Have you had any luck with ID? I also recently purchased a cactus seed mixture and am in the same predicament. Please share if you have anything.

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