Unknown Tillandsia's

stanofhNovember 19, 2008

The silver white(the late day lighting exaggerates the greenish sheen) has a bloom on a long thin stalk with pale violet,small,tubular flowers.

Both seem cool hardy. Photo's from today.

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Very healthy looking tillies! Thanks for sharing.
I can see that you keep your tillies outside. Do you also keep some inside, too? I'm new to tillandsia and this forum and I'm curious if these plants can be kept entirely indoors.

Xuan (from Vietnam)

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The first is T. paucifolia, not sure of the second one.

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the last one is T. straminea which has really fragrant flowers

Here is a link that might be useful: tillandsia id

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tillandsiaman how do you tell the difference in T. purpurea
and T. straminea ?

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I highly recommend the T.straminea. Good tough plant,nice silvery green and fast grower for here.Flowers are more delicate looking than most Tillandsia's.
All my Tillandsia's and broms are grown outdoors.The Tillandsia's on the pergola roof in full sun pretty much most of the day. So far so good.

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hdd, purpurea has much more rigid leaves. Straminea's leaves are very supple. Both smell great. There are photos from Rauh of humungous colonies of purpurea growing on the coastal desert sands of Peru, very bizarre looking.

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Looking back, Stan said the silvery white plant, which was guessed as straminea has violet tubular flowers. Straminea has white/purple, 3-petaled open flowers. Although the plant's non-blooming appearance seems to fit the ID and I agree, the flower description does not.

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The pic on the net(tropiflora.com) of Tillandisa straminea "large form" looks much like mine. When I bought mine it was in flower..so hard to compare a plants flowers that formed in the bin at Home Depot and a always greenhouse grown plant..pretty sure its the same. This year the pups,too young, didn't bloom. But when the mother plants leaves hang down in a skirt and you have the fresh upwards reaching pup leaves....just a standout hardy Tillandsia.

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