Mail Order source for Wafer Ash

freshair2townsquare(z7/8, D/FW)June 18, 2012

I haven't been able to find a local source . . . any suggestions for mail order?

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

I got mine from Mail Order Natives, but I think Pine Ridge Gardens sells them, too.


Here is a link that might be useful: Mail Order Natives

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I got mine from Mail Order Natives, too. Woodlanders, in South Carolina, is another source for them, and I have ordered from them as well with good results.


Here is a link that might be useful: Ptelea trifoliata

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KC Clark - Zone 2012-6a OH

When I got my first 3, I bought 4 footers. Unfortunately, that place no longer carries them. When I needed one last year, the place I used (Shooting Star) could provide only ones less than 1 foot. This year, I wanted to get a tall one again. emailed me in February that they had 4' ones (the tall ones are not listed on website). Then I found a local source and went that way. Anyway, Vincent Gardens is an option.

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I concur with KC. I would get the larger one if you can because these are very slow growers. Mine couldn't support a single cat right now.

In Dallas, tho, have you tried North Haven nursery? I used to shop there frequently and they have just about anything you want.


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freshair2townsquare(z7/8, D/FW)

Susan: I've called everyone. Moreover, two of our niche nurseries have recently closed. :(

Thanks for the help, y'all -- I'll check them out.

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I got one from Mail Order Natives 3 years ago but must have planted it in a "bad" place because it didn't make it...all the other plants in the Larval Plant kit did fine but I had her sub a A.tormentosa for the PawPaw...we don't get Zebras here.
I also bought 2---3 gallon plants from Texas Discovery Gardens Plant sale they had fall last year. They weren't tall but the curator reasured me that with the Hop has to get a good root base before you see much growth above ground.(Roots were to the edges of the container) I also bought a Prickly Ash from TDG sale & it is about 2 1/2 feet tall & is also a GST host plant. It is planted out in an open area because of the thorns! They have the sale in the spring in May & fall in November if I remember right. I am posting a link to it...
I have checked for at least 3 years with North Haven Gardens & they have never had them there...unless they do now. I even tried at Rohde's in Garland & they don't carry them either! I am west of DFW but go to Dallas several times a month.
Keep us posted where you end up getting one!

Here is a link that might be useful: Texas Discovery Gardens Plant Sale Info

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KC Clark - Zone 2012-6a OH


As has been mentioned on other Wafer Ash posts here, you cannot plant them just anywhere. I bought three 4 footers in 2009. I planted one at my house (doing fine - more than 8' now), put one in a big pot, and planted one at my kids' school. The one at school had major problems and I thought it was dead. I dug it out, put it in a pot and then planted my potted one in its place. The "dead" one came back (the top 3' is dead) and GSTs lay eggs on it. The one at school did fine in 2010, leafed out in spring 2011, and then died. I got a short, emergency replacement (don't want to lose my tree spot) from Shooting Star. It did not leaf out this year. From comments here, I believe the spot I was given is too wet but it is what I have to work with. So, the latest one was planted at the top of a mound. We shall see what happens.

My 4 footers were sent bare root. I don't remember being sent something with a big root ball. They were in a fairly skinny box. I do remember being disappointed that they had been cut down to fit in a 4' box. I would have paid extra to get them at full height.

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I used Mail Order Natives when I ordered 2 Prickly Ash trees. The trees arrived in great condition and within 2 weeks Giant Swallowtails were already laying eggs. When the eggs hatched, if they hatched, the larvae died within a day or two. I contacted the nursery and sure enough they told me the trees had been sprayed with Safari insecticide. It has been 2 months and larvae still not thriving on these trees. I read that Safari (dinotefuran) gets into the soil and becomes a systemic and can take months to break down. I do wish the nursery informed me before I made this purchase!

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

That is really shocking news!

Mail Order Natives has a special section on their web site and in their catalog that lists plants for butterflies, and none of the plants I've bought from them have killed caterpillars. They have, at least until now, been a very butterfly and bird friendly nursery.

Before I order any more plants from them, I'll call Amy and see what's up.

By the way, you ARE sure it's Mail Order Natives in Lee, Florida?


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Yes, it was Amy (her response below) who told me they use Safari. She was very nice and apologetic but I still think they need to inform consumers of how the plants are chemically treated before they ship them to unsuspecting customers. She thought it would be "out of the system" in 2-3 wks, unfortunately she was wrong.
Below is Amy's reply about using Safari:
I just talked to the guys about the spray program. The plants were sprayed with the insecticide SAFARI. If we didn't spray our plants, unfortunately, we wouldn't have any plants. Typically, the spray lasts about 2-3weeks, and then is "out of the system" of the plant. Your plants were shipped on July 30th, so I would certainly think that the spray would be gone by now, or if not, very soon.
The origin of the Toothache Tree is Madison County, Florida, and the Pipevine origin in South Alabama. I'm not familiar with any other problems that might be causing the babies to die.
If you find out anything else, please let me know.
Mail-Order Natives

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KC Clark - Zone 2012-6a OH

The two places by me that sell hoptree used the GST cats on the trees as selling points this year. Buy a tree, get a caterpillar or two. I don't know who would be specifically looking for a hoptree or prickly ash who did not want GSTs. It is not like people are beating down the doors of nurseries trying to get their hands on something called a stinking ash.

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