ID these 2 plants please

brommad16November 11, 2009

Hi Can someone ID these two plant for me please



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Hi Guys

Your first one is a bit difficult but reminds me of Vr. Madam Pele.???

Your second plant looks good for Guzmania Torch


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Here are my guesses, which is all one can do - no absolutes.

#1 - Vriesea 'Barbara' (cv. of 'Poelmanii')?

#2 - Yes, maybe Guz. 'Torch', but I'm leaning towards Guz. conifera?


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Thanks Pinkbroms
Hi and thanks Kerry long time no see, hows the brom growing going last i read you had seeds everywhere or was it out at midnight and early mornings doing the work of the birds and bees, with your torch and tweezers lol

Will check out both broms thanks

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