Fertilizing Tillandsia ionantha

plantomaniac08(8)November 6, 2013

I would like to know it it would be harmful to fertilize my Tilly with diluted fish emulsion (1/4 of 1 tbsp per gallon). I've read online to not fertilize these with fish emulsion and I've read also that it's okay to do so. Thanks for your opinions.


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This may help: I have two small fresh-water aquariums and change out water (~1 gallon for 2 tanks) twice a week. I save aside the water to soak my Tillandsias in weekly and also to fill a spray bottle to spray the plants once or twice daily due to our natural low humidity. I have a lot of real plants in both aquariums, but I'm sure they don't use all the fish and snail poop and urine (and I rarely add any aquarium plant fertilizer), so the Tillandsias can have some diluted "fish droppings" as well. After the Tillandsias have their bath, I pour that water on my regular house plants. I have used this system for over a year now and all the plants seem satisfied.

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