Too Hot!!!!! - mass flowering

brom-nutterNovember 20, 2009

Hi all, we are experiencing an unseasonal spring at present.

The last week or so have been in the high 30/s and yesterday was 41C - presently 38C.

It seems a coincedence that we have mass flowering of many genera at the moment.

The vriesea's have gone wild with mother plants and pups flowering at the same time.

Here are some pic's from this morning - too hot to do much!

Cheers Richard

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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Hi Richard,

Spectacular! So many beautiful big Vrieseas - thanks for showing them.

Plenty of material for some pollinating there, and I see that Milky Way already has been given some treatment - interesting - can I ask what? And in pic #3, big plant in the foreground with cream banding - that is a beauty (among a lot of beauties) - can you tell me what it is?

Thanks a lot, Paul

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Hi Richard,

Nice pics of broms. You have a great source for hybridization. I'm so jealous about that because Vrieseas are difficult to keep here in Thailand. Thank for sharing.;-)


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Hey Paul, well spotted.
I have crossed Milkyway with Montazuma's Gem.

The plant in the foreground #3 , I purchased as Patrice.

Hi Yong, shame about the vriesea - they are my favorite.
I am out most nights doing crosses.
Somehow I might just have a few too many.

Cheers Richard

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