survival for uprooted plants,several days

dancerdeb(23)January 28, 2010

i have to dig up plants that have been established for 3 years so a drain can be dug alongside the house - fried egg plant, (Mat poppy), myrtle, sweet olive, maybe natal plum. I'm worried about them - should i just plunk them into the big pots I have with a little garden soil, then put them back when it's finished? Will take 2 - 4 days. Can they survive some root loss? should I give them anything when they go back into the ground?

Thank you!

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Have the pots ready to go. Dig up the plants with as much rootball as you can manage. Plunk them into the big pots, fill the pots solidly with native soil and water them WELL. Move the potted plants to a shady site. Water them again in a couple of days.

Watch for signs of wilting. If they begin to wilt, prune off whole branches (don't just arbitrarily snip off the tops) and water.

When the ground is ready again, slip them back into their places. No need for anything special except water.

Don't "amend", don't fertilize. And B1 doesn't work.

Mulch well.

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Protect the foliage from wind. Spray foliage with a fine mist to prevent wilting.

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

This time of year with almost 100% humidity(at least for the last two weeks)you should be safe. I usually use "heeling" in as my strategy for such a project. The main consideration is not allowing the roots to be exposed to the air, and the plant should not be in any possible sunshine through the whole process. I also would not recommend any soil additives. Al

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Appreciate your help. Their prospects look good with more rain on the way!

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I have to disagree about the ease of transplanting/disturbing Matilija poppies (Romneya coulteri). They tend to resent it and can easily die from it.

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

As Joe mentioned, "dig the biggest rootball you can manage" Romneya coulteri should never be bare rooted. To keep the soil with the roots be sure the soil has plenty of moisture, should be no problem now. Al

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