Where Do The Flowers Form?

drvongirlApril 1, 2010

Hi, I'm new to this forum and I'm so glad I found it. I have become obsessed with the Angel Trumpet!! Last year I bought a cutting, planted it, and while it grew some it never flowered. Since I have been reading information on it, I think I know why it didn't flower. Not enough water, too much intense sunshine and no fertilizer. I kept it inside all winter. Now it is growing again, but I can't seem to figure out where the flowers form from. Where the branch stem is attached I see little nubs. Is that the beginning of a flower? I not where? If this doesn't bloom this year I will be devestated!! Please help!

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haase(10 CA)

Hello there, and welcome to this forum.
About one year ago when I was a total newbie and had only one Brug, I was wondering about the same thing.
The answer is easy: flowers form only after a so-called "Y" has formed on the tip (top) of the plant. So your plant needs to be of a certain size and mature enough to "split", or divide, into two or three branches, which is the so-called "Y". From there, it will produce its flowers.
Hope this helped. I'm so pround of myself that, after having delivered a hundred questions on this forum myself, I finally know the answer to one of them
Happy growing. You will be "hooked" in no time. And don't give up.
Oh yes, Brugs are known to be water and fertilizer "hores". They will droop, as to tell you that they need water, but will come right back again if you give them some. Morning sun and afternoon shade would be perfect.


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Thanks for the prompt reply Ingrid and the welcome! I hope to gain alot more information about these beautiful plants from everyone here. I am still confused. My plant has formed the "Y" branches, it did that last year but never bloomed, maybe because of the things I didn't do last year. I still don't understand where the flowers form from after it branches. Can you be more specific? I've looked at alot of pictures but still can't figure it out. Sorry to be such a dummie but this has been bugging me for a long, long time! I am on my way to work, but I hope you or someone else can enlighten me, thanks again, ellen

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ruth_ann(Z5 Ont.Can.)

Usually the flower buds form in the crotch of the Y.
Do not mistake a lateral branch from off a main stem to be a Y. The Y forms in the growing tips of the branches and the sum of the diameter of the V in the Y equals the same diameter abs the base of the Y. if one branch is thicker in the Y than the other branch, usually it is a lateral shoot, NOT a Y.

This growing tip formed a double Y and each of those are going on to form new Y's as well up above the turquoise lines. You can just see the tiny bud forming in the middle Y.

This pic shows both a 'Y' and a lateral branch.

B is the crotch of a Y, 3 and 4 are the same diameter and together their circumference equals that of 1 ( the stem below the Y.
5 is a lateral branch, the sum of 5 and 1 together is far greater than of 1 alone. The C is simply the crotch between the stem and the lateral branch and would not produce a bloom bud where there was a bloom but produced at the B position earlier. Also, any subsequent Y's formed above on the stems above the B will result in buds, the lateral branch will have to make a true Y of it's own prior to you getting any blooms on that branch/stalk.

On a lot of Brugs, when they are getting ready to 'Y' the leaves will develop unevenness.... one side of the leaf will be lower on the leaf stem than the other. This is called asymmetrical leaves and is a sure sign of the plant soon forming a Y and buds.
This is not the prettiest leaf to be showing for asymmetry but you can see how the upper side continues further down the leaf stem than the bottom side does.

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haase(10 CA)

RuthAnn said it all, I agree. Maybe what you got was not a true Y, but instead was a lateral branch. Just be patient.


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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

This one might help. The bud starts off tiny in the crotch of the Y and then projects out. This is my very first brug and one of the first blooms last year, I remember how exciting it is.

Fertilizer is really important for brugs and the Epsom Salts really help too. They are not difficult to grow, but do need lots of food to bloom.

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Thanks to all those who answered my questions. Ruth Ann, Rock Oak deer, the pictures were extremely helpful and I now realize that what I have is a lateral branch and not a Y. I'm a little dissappointed but at least I know where the flowers form and what to look for!! I will try to take Ingrid's advice and be patient, what does Epsom Salts do and how often and what kind of fertilizer is best? Would you use fertilizer every time you water or every other week? Any advice for this newbie would be greatly appreciated. Ellen

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

The Epsom Salt has magnesium in it that the brug needs. You can buy it in the health and beauty section at stores like Wal mart. There are also plant additives with magnesium at plant centers. One that is sold in my area is called Medina.

When the brugs are outside and growing I use a little fertilizer in the water at least once a day in the summer. They really need a lot of food to produce those beautiful blooms. My climate is hot and dry so sometimes the plants are stressed in August and I cut back on fertilizer. It's all about getting to know your plant in your climate.

Brugs are easy to grow especially when compared to the reward of such amazingly beautiful flowers. I forgot to water one day and thought I killed mine, but it revived in minutes.

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