Anyone else growing broms outside in z8b/9a?

southlatropicalNovember 18, 2008

Last year I planted out a few Billbergia nutans in a microclimate area and they sailed through winter with zero damage. Our lowest temp was 23.8F. This year I have two big Billbergia pyramidalis planted out in the same area to see how they do. What are others growing outdoors in z8b/9a? What is the lowest temp they have been exposed to?

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Mine are in a 9a with only shade cloth over them and they do fine...if it gets to cold I use smudge pots

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I've been growing some here in the UK for a few years, Billbergia nutans, Fasciularia bicolor,Puya Berteroniana, Chilensis, Mirabliis with no problems.

This year I got ,Nidularium fulgens,Aechmea recurvata'' Aztec gold'' .Dyckia, Remotifolia , Frigida and a Greigia sphacelata all waiting for places to be planted

There are still a few others I'm after but they are hard to come by here.

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tomas(z9 Rome, Italy)

Look at the list, all those listed as surviving 20F or lower should be worth a try.
Here in Rome, zone 9a, A. caudata, distichantha,ornata, recurvata, N. spectabilis, Q. arvensis, T. aeranthos, T. bergeri are long term survivers

Here is a link that might be useful: cold hardiness

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The weakness of the cold hardy lists are micro climate arent taken into consideration and there are many ways to create those.

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plantaholic(zone 8a AL)

i have been growing billbergia nutans, billbergia distachia, aechmea distachantha, dyckia chloristaminae, tillandsia recurvata (its reseeding) in central alabama. i plan to try more this spring.

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Thanks for all the info everyone.

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