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billinsc(7B SC)November 13, 2005

Had to go to Wal-Mart anyhow, and noticed that they had their fall cacti selection in. Stuck to my guns of not buying cacti with straw flowers, even though they had some really nice ones!! HOWEVER, they had this variegated Gymno that you normally see grafted, and it's three straw flowers popped right off with NO damage to the plant. I HAD to have it. I put it in a four inch pot, so you can see, it is quite nice!! It had nice roots, and should be fine. I guess it was origionally grafted to pup up like it is.. Here tis:


Bill in SC

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You have a real gem. I've never, never seen one of these with so much color growing on it's own roots.


I wonder if I should make a detour past our local Walmart on my way out to dinner this evening. I wasn't expecting any new shipments until after the first of the year. I am going back to PA to see a doctor on Tuesday and I know of at least five Walmarts along the route. I had better leave two hours earlier.


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sjv78736(austin texas)


as some may know, i aint too big on "prickly" plants - but i gotta say, bill, that is a beaut! what grand color, no wonder you could not pass it up - i doubt i would have either. and all those pups to boot! nice catch dude!

now...do i need to go to walmart? hehehehehehe

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deefar(zone 5 NY)

WOW, that is a beauty.I wouldn't of let that go either. Do keep us updated as to how it is doing with life without "support". Great find!! :)


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Bill, That is definitely a great find!, especially on own roots. Thay are not difficult on own roots however but they can be quite slow growing!


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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

Special! Is it putting out buds or more pups from those areoles on top?

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windsurfgirl(Z6 OK)

Wow, pretty! I must really live in the sticks. My WalMart never even has cactus, let alone a "fall cactus selection". :( I have to drive 100 miles to buy cactus.


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billinsc(7B SC)

Thanks for y'all's kind words. There are a couple a tiny buds just peeking through, but I assume they will not materialize as it is going into the dormancy room. I have to retun to Wal-Mart tomorrow as I got the wrong trailer hitch pin, so I may break down and buy two more cacti. There was a Stenocereus thurberii about 6 inches tall, fat and healthy. Also, a pot of three columulars like the one someone here asked to ID in a recent post. They had straw flowers, but I might have to bite the bullet and get them.. We'll see..
Bill in SC

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Ever since the invention of the "glue gun" people have to glue something to everything, even cactus. Wait till I catch up to them I'll glue their #@! shut! Nice Gymmy. It is not uncommon for Gymmy's to spontaneously "pup out" but I can't tell you why one will do this and another will not. If you look in the book you have from Miles Anderson you'll see a huge E. grusonii with pups hanging on it,too. Just one of those "odd" things. Our Wally World stores don't keep much spiny stock past September here in Indy. 'Looks like your store manager is a cactophile you lucky blankety blank.

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That one at the top left is a flower bud. My grafted ones have flowered throughout the summer  they are nice long lasting blooms. I have had buds the size of yours take 2 months before they flowered. They need sun to bloom; without sun and heat the trumpet-like bud falls off and there is bloom failure.

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cactusdan19(z5b NE)

That is great Bill,
Are you going to try and graft some of the pups next summer. I'm always leary of cactus with no clorophyl not on a graft, but that is gorgeous. Soooooo red, WOW!!! I may have to go to my WalMart and see if anything is there. LOL.

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billinsc(7B SC)

Dan: I too was leary until I removed it from it's pot and saw lots of roots. I guess the darker portions of the plant contain enough chlorophyll to sustain the plant. Time will tell.. One pup was broken off when I got it, and I placed it in a tiny pot to see if it will root next spring.

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