Wanted - Brom seeds

malleeaustraliaNovember 25, 2009

G'day all - hope its ok to post a "wanted" here but seemed unavailable to post in exchange section due to being in Aus.

I'm very interested in growing broms from seed (have just started my first trials) and now after reading through the posts here am even more interested. At the moment though hybridizing myself is a bit out of reach due mainly to having pretty average eyesight (heamoraging retina, cataracts, glaucoma etc and that just in the eye I can actually see out of!)and broms having small flowers. So I was wondering if any Aussie members (not sure about getting seeds from OS yet) ever have any excess or unwanted seed they'd be interested in trading/selling?

Being fairly new to broms I don't have a great deal to trade at moment but understand seed setting/collecting is time consuming so not asking for freebies. Would be great to get some different varieties so I can try out the seed raising methods discussed in various posts here as well as grow some beautiful broms of course! Main interest at moment is neo's but (with no small thanks you to folks) am also very interested in Vries. and Bills. Even if its just self set seed from the garden your not interested in growing - I am!!

If pple don't have seed to spare but do know of other contacts that sell etc I'd love that info too. (Have got some from Alan Ladd so far and is great to see them just emerge recently). Feel free to msge me here or mail through my profile page.

Cheers folks


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Hi kristan ,can send you some seed of Billbergia Rosea from a very nice U.S.A. clone ,these are quick to germinate and grow ,also of a very nice Neo Kautskii ,and some Vriesea gigantea seideliana ( used to be called Nova ) but that grows sloooowly ,still its worth the wait and will see how good your patience is ok ?

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sounds fantastic Jack - greatly appreciated and many thanks to you. Kautskii was actually on my list to try and get so works out well and will be great to try the others as well.

many thanks

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Hello Kristen,

Welcome to our forum. You will meet kindhearted people here willing to share the knowledges about broms. ;-)

Hybridization is a fantastic work. If you do involve in this part, you can't stop doing this. It's an addict. Mail me your address. I might have some seeds to share.


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Jack, may I also get from you Bill Rosea seed?
The plant my acquaintance grows is not a very nice clone.

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