Tillandsia capitata

sdandyNovember 20, 2009

So this capitata was coming into bloom perfectly in time for our show in September...that I was out of town for and didn't get to enter it. But this week I saw some growth that I was expecting to be pups. They look like they are more flower buds. And one has already flowered.

Just coming into bloom a couple of months ago...

Here is it now with the new flower buds...

The odd thing is my Deuterocohnia longipetala bloomed three flushes this year. Am I doing something odd to all of my plants?!? Ha ha. Has anyone else seen peculiar bloomings like this? Anyone think it could it be a capitata hybrid that's just acting funny with unstable genetics?


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Andy, sometimes tills will demonstrate that funky basal flowering. This unexplained occurrence also happens with pups blooming just like a mature plant like this hondurensis x ?. Odd yes but I don't know the reason why either.

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Thanks Gonz. Have you seen them do multiple flowerings like this though? It surprises me even more that it is doing this bloom 2ish months after the main flowering. Oh well, just another curiosity.

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Andy, could your plant have been exposed to some source of ethylene gas, like from a rotting fruit, etc.? I ask because when you use a commercial ethylene producing agent (like Florel or Ethrel) to force a brom into bloom, it will often force all of the pups into bloom too, even if they are no more than small buds of pups.

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No, not in any way that I can imagine. Although on a semi-related note, after I was grumbling about an olive tree dropping a bunch of olives into a bunch of bromeliads a co-worker recommended Florel or other commercial product to prevent fruiting (its used for olives, sweet gums, and other trees). I kind of chuckled at the thought of a couple of dozen bromeliads underneath and spread throughout the tree all blooming at once.
It just seems odd to me that there is the second round of blooming. But I don't mind as long as I get some pups out of it!

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