Vr. ' Kakadu Sunrise '

vrieseaNovember 23, 2009

Hi every one just thought i would give you a photo of something new to look at ,its from the same batch as Vr'Melissa Dilling ' these plants all changed dramatically from small (5" size )to this size but there where/are some nice ones and once again i apriciate the Vr.fenestralis influence for pink tones ,but it does depend on wich Vr fenestralis clone you use ,Proposed name is Vr. 'Kakadu Sunrise ' for the pinkish glow in the eary morning over Kakadu park ,You have to be in Oz for that.

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That's a real eye catcher Jack! I do like the way the tesselation is breaking up on the newer leaves, letting the pink flush come thru'.

One trip on my wish list is a vist to Kakadu...and when there, I'll be sure to check out a sunrise or three ;-)

Cheers, Andrew.

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Thank you Andrew ,i hope you make the trip and do excactly that cheers Jack

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Jack, keep on doing what you are doing with those Vrieseas, nevermind the space problem, you'll always find a solution, because what you keep on showing us, is stunning! This one in particular is one of yours that I like very much.


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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Hi Jack, what a beauty! Thanks for showing it. Another one to dream about and a bit more inspiration for trying a few things myself.

You really are getting some interesting re-combinations of those fosteriana and fenestralis genes. I'm hoping that my attempts at selfing Emerald Meadows a few months ago have taken and that I get similar sorts of variations out of that.

While on that note, I'm trying to self Uluru Sunset this week to see what I might get from re-combining the fosteriana and gigantea seideliana genes in that plant, so the headtorch is getting a bit of a workout. I'm thinking about putting some of the stored (frozen) Emerald Meadows pollen on Uluru Sunset as well, to see what comes of the 3-way combination of fosteriana, fenestralis and gigantea seideliana. Maybe a dogs breakfast? But I'd be interested in what you think.
Cheers, Paul

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Hi Paul. I can tell you what you will get from Vr 'Uluru Sunset' x self , they all look like the parent but the bulk of them show more and stronger colour ,some are the same ,none of mine are worse. Vr ,'Emerald meadows' x self ,mine are to small to tell but i expect 1/2 of them to be like Vr.'Kakadu' x self ,and if so you will be quite happy with that ,Vr,'Uluru Sunset' is very strong in its genes ,so crossed with the VR 'Emerald Meadows' a lot will look like the VR.'Uluru Sunset' I have it crossed with 'Milky Way' and they are an improvement on the "Uluru" ,but only one has a white background and very broad leaves from the 'Milky Way ' but they are very nice allround.Good luck ! Hi Japie ,Thank you for your kind comments , its hard to stop ,i really should give up work and do my plants more justice ,but work pays my bills (even if i am geting a bit old for it) Vr fenestralis has not been properly 'exploited 'yet in my book ,but she is a surprise packet and capable of very nice things ,

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Hi Jack,

You still make us a big excitement. Your plant looks fantastic. I like those pink color. Hope i can get ones. Jack, you've done a very good job. Go on. Doing what you love. You will be happy. Nice plants;-)


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Beautiful plant Jack. So far my collection mainly consists of neo's (only have a cple Vr.) but its plants like this that make me think I've got a lot of expanding to do in my collection! Can imagine the pink tones look even more dramatic as the light shines thru. By the sounds of it I'll have to look through some of yr other posts and see what else you have grown.

Well done!

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Hi Mallee ,welcome to the forum ,and thank you for your kind comment ,it pays to check all the old postings as there is much to see and learn. best way to check plants from all breeders is to look up on fcbs register ,i mostly do Vrieseas ,but i like all plants ,and admire the plants that Lisa and Yong and others create ,the problem is that there is such a huge variety to chose from now and us greedy growers want them all ,but its fun and rewarding to create something new ,you can ask any question you like hear and someone will be able to help you ,Cheers Mallee

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Cheers for the welcome and again for the pics Jack
Yr right - there is a huge variety of broms and I want them all!! But slowly, slowly. Have a lot to learn, from the very basic and am already learning some very helpful tips from looking through the posts - great work to all contributors.

I have pretty average eyesight so can't see myself getting too far involved in hybridizing broms unfortunately (wld love to but such small flowers) but have a few Neo's flowering at moment so am hoping the insects will do their thing and help give me at least a few seeds to play with as am very interested in propagating from seed. Is great to see the plants other pple are creating here - already adding a few to my wish list including a few Vr!

Is great to have found the forum and especially good to see a few Aussies on here as I'll definetly be interested in trading some plants as mine grow and produce and possibly purchase in the meantime but also a great opportunity to learn and share info with other brom lovers across the globe.

cheers mate and have a good one

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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Hi Jack, thanks for the info. Isn't that interesting about 'Uluru Sunset'. I would have thought that you would get quite a bit of variation when it was selfed, with more of the 'Nova' characters coming through in a good few offspring, as they appear to have with 'Pahoa Beauty' when selfed. Hmmm. Still, I'm going to cross my fingers and hope, and your comments about 'Emerald Meadows' selfed are pretty exciting. It looks like I'll have some eager anticipation that lasts for a good few years! Thanks again. Cheers, Paul

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It is breathtakingly wonderful. ..looks like a blushing, fine lady..

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Thats a very poetic description Noid ,i had thought of naming the plant after one of my lady friends ,but wanted to keep the Kakadu thread going in the names .

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