Flowering Nids

rickta66(Brisbane)November 10, 2008

Hello all,

A few pictures of some nids that are flowering at the moment.



Nid.InnocentiiX - Kerry had an early guess at RaRu, Bromadams though it may be Francois Spae - I am swaying towards RaRu, any ideas?



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G'day Rick and all,

Nice nids Rick :)

Regarding their names, now that they are flowering, here is my 10 cents worth on what I reckon they might be.

Your first nid looks like Nidularium innocentii (full stop - no purpurea added).

Your second nid looks more to me like one I grow called Nidularium 'Nat de Leon' (Deleon? sp.?), a hybrid. But that name doesn't get a look in on the fcbs photo index, so maybe that name is a furphy...or maybe it's an unnamed hybrid BY Nat de Leon?? Below is a photo of my 'Nat de Leon' flowering for you to compare. Remember light differences can change the leaf colour somewhat. Also we are likely to have bought the same nids by living in same brom-growing region.

I don't think your third one is Nidularium 'Ra Ru' after all, now that it is flowering. 'Ra Ru' is similar, but has light pink flowers, not white.

Nid. 'Ra Ru'

I reckon your third one is Nidularium longiflorum, a species. Once upon a time it was called Nid. innocentii var. wittmackianum, hence the possible name confusion by the seller.

A pair of my flowering Nid. longiflorum.

Do others agree...or not?


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Hi all, great Nid pics....very under utilsed plants here. Seem to do well in deep shade.

Below a few flowering at the moment (the dates on th pics are wrong) I have some others coming into bloom.

PS:Not sure of some of the names

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Thanks for trying to identify my plants I'll continue to slip in intentional mistakes to try and catch you out.

I am happy with your ID on Nid. longiflorum, I'll change #2 to Nidularium 'Nat de Leon', I found the name in google under a Sydney Brom contest but couldn't find any pics.

Number one's flower looks slightly different to an Innocentii on FCBS, I'll wait and see if it colors up fully.

Nice plants Dennis, I won't embarrass myself trying to name them.


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5/16:31 is Leprosa, but that's an easy one. I hope mine flowers this winter.

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Dennis, I don't know all the names, but if you've got those all blooming now, take the pollen from #3 and put it on #1. Just a thought....

Nids rarely bloom for me. Must be a climate thing.

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Hi All,

I grow only some of Nidularium. I love that striated and spotted colorful foliages. Very nice plant especially when flower.

Kerry, Allan just sent me a package of Alcantarea extensa seeds. He said they were complimentary seeds from yours. Many thank for that. I love all Alcantarea ,the very nice and giant plants that catch my eyes. I will do my best to grow them.


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Hi Guys

They are still blooming and I think you have a plan there! Thanks!

I have another BIG variegated plant in bloom now too, I will post a pic....



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Hi here is the BIG Nid pic:

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Ooh Dennis - great pic and well-grown! That's one of my favourite nids. It's Nidularium innocentii var. striatum, I reckon. I love the variegated bracts. I find it a very slow grower - do you?

BTW - of your first nid pics,
#1 looks like a greenish version of the cultivar 'Ruby Lee'.
#2 - maybe the mystery 'Nat de Leon'?
#3 - don't know, but very nice. I like the dark thin stripes.
#4 - rutilans variegata
#5 - I agree with Bromadams that it is 'Leprosa'
#6 - innocentii?

Good luck with your plan, Nev. I imagine they would be difficult to hybridise due to their small egg-shaped flowers not opening?
Allan might give you some clues, as he has hybridised nids in the past...oi!, Allan - you lurking?


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To be honest I though it would never flower! Its grown up and has basically formed a stem but covered with leaves. I must have had it for atleast 2 years...so ya slow.... Thanks for all the I.D's

I think it was Japie that ID'd number 3 as V.procerum "stripes"

Lisa: Rain this morning but decided to pollinate anyway. Tried your suggested X and took some of that pollen and put it on my Neo Xmiter below.

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Dennis, carolinae Red variegated looks good! Mine is growing beautiful and starting to colour up very nicely but no sign of a flower yet! With this long, cold, wet Winter we had, everything, including pups, are sooooo slow.

My Nid innocentii striatum is also staring to push a flower. I can't complain that it is slow growing though. It just takes a long time to flower. The positive point of that is then the plant get to grow into a nice full rosette. My Nid innocentii lineatums flowers much faster, but usually when they still a skimpy looking plant with very few leaves!


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Hey Japie

All mine are flowering now....even the smaller sibling of the one I sent to you...That Cape weather is really bad....

Also I will be visiting CT so we need to make a plan to meet!


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Dennis, don't taunt me with your perfect carolinae! Mine went completely albino and gave up the ghost before I had a chance to use it. Fortunately I do have other tools at my disposal....

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