Does this mean Spring has finally arrived in the Mid-West???

bsmith717(6)March 4, 2013

?????????????????????? :)

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Not necessarly. Thought my Spring had arrive one April. 5 in So. Calif. and went on to my convention without a worry, well it hailed on April 6 and ruined every plant that I had left uncovered. It is not over until it is over. Listen to the weather news every night. It different iin every zone location also different every year. We have had a very rough Winter, nothing was the same as in the past years. We all got caught w/unexpected weather this past year. The plants also.

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I've got little plant ears too on an Opuntia paraguayensis - however, as if to spite my hubris of thinking that Spring's on the way, it's snowing now. Take that, PseudoCactusPerson (said in a French knight-voice from The Holy Grail).

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Ha, that's funny Charris!

The same Frenchman spoke those similar words to me the day after I started this thread. Friggin snow!

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

9 inches of snow last week, another 4 inches last night...its as if someone is saying, "I snow in your general direction!".


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Spring isn't fully awake but winter must be napping in the North East

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