ID challenge - a Mesemb

ariole(z7DE)November 1, 2005

This tall piece of work was sitting among the Conophytums with the tag - meyerii. I have strong doubts.


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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

Baby birdies with party favors!

I haven't a clue.

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deefar(zone 5 NY)

Good guess Rosemarie.


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cactuspolecat(Tasmania Aust)

Al, I just looked you plant up in the Hermann Jacobsen Succulent Lexicon, your pic fits the description and picture of Conophytum meyerae right down to the dots along the leaf margins. There IS a conophytum species... meyeri v. meyeri (old name) but this is totally different looking plant.

I did a search and found these links for you...

Cheers for now, CP

Conophytum meyerae.


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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

Sounds good to me. C. meyerae is now considered to be a form of C. bilobum ssp bilobum and it certainly has that look, while C. meyeri is a different species in group Biloba. I don't have the exact descriptions for the different Conophytum species but it all seems to fit :)

The horrible thing is that they can look similar to completely different plants such as Cheiridopsis. The differences are very apparent when you observe them for a period of time.

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meyerae vs meyeri

My first problem was a spelling problem. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have the help I am getting from the garden web crew.

Almost 100% of my mesembs were grown from seed about 1980 or so. So many places where errors in naming can creep in. Was the seed named correctly? When plants are re-potted, did I mix labels.? When re-starting those in sad shape in the rooting bin, did I mix labels? Visitors sometimes pull labels to check data and might not place them correctly.

You folks know what you are talking about. I did a Google search for this plant and entered my spelling error. I came up with a plant that did not match at all. I am very grateful for your critique. Also for the chance to read your expert commentary.

Many a thank you.


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