G'day, new member & material for hanging Neos

malleeaustraliaNovember 24, 2009

G;day all - I've just joined the forum and have had a bit of a look - some great pics and info, so looking forward to digesting it all. Am hoping there's a few Aussies here as would be great to exchange some broms over time - Im a fairly new bromaholic but the collection is growing - mainly Neos )love the foliage colours) but starting to add some others.

So question and my apologies if already covered. I'd like tomount some Neos (mostly minis) to create some smallish wal hangers. I saw some posts here on larger vertical/seep walls whick look great but at the moment Im starting smaller - looking at something than will be able to hang and support 3-4 mini neos and that can be moved without too much drama. Can someone please let me know what material is best suited or perhaps which materials shouldn't be used with Broms (have heard treated wood for ex is no good (?) so there goes the excess lattice idea...)

Any help wld be greatly appreciated - cheers folks.

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Plastic/Re-constituted lattice might work if lattice is the look you are after.

Framed galvenised metal might work.

Driftwood hung on the wall is another option.

I like mini's in hanging baskets, those half shaped hangers that attach to a wall would be another idea.



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Cheers Rick - some good ideas there so thanks. Not so much after the lattice look more that its light and I've got a backyard full of broken bits... - hoping the broms will soon cover whatever attached too anyway - just as long as residue from lattice or iron etc isn't going to distress the plants.


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The 2 biggest dangers to bromeliads are copper and pressure treated lumber.

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Hi Kristan,

We often overlook the obvious when looking for a solution to a problem, and that's why I'd like to suggest you try mounting your plants on some old mallee root, as some of these have some very interesting shapes and would greatly compliment the brom's. (That's of course if you have access to them, and I am only assuming you do juding by your name).

All the best, Nev.

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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Hi Kristan, welcome, and hope you have some fun! Cheers, Paul

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cheers hotdiggity - exactly the info was looking for.

Nev - you're a spot on, do over look whats right in front of us however today at a mates farm there was a freshly fallen gum tree right in front of me (big storm/winds in this area yesterday) so another mate will be attacking it with a chainsaw next week so will hopefully get a few nice logs/hollows to use. you are also right again - some proper mallee root would look great so will be working on that - cheers for making me think local.

cheers - paul. yep already having lots of fun learning and watching my broms grow and this forun will help that no end. There are no brom societies/nurseries etc where I am so is great to find a place to learn, ask and share the enthusiasm.

best regards

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Hey Kristan, always good to see new members and have them stimulate more discussions. I like using whatever I have around the yard. We had to thin out a couple of trees pretty hard and the branches have been of great use for me. For smaller branches, I have both screwed/nailed them into wall posts and suspended from overhead boards. These two ways I have mostly used for Tillandsias, but I have also put in some mini Neos as well...oh, and I apologize, I swear they look better in person than in photographs...

The branches that are screwed into the wall are nice as you can mimic natural branch angles where mini Neos look good. I have attached with stainless steel wire, jute rope/yarn, finishing tack nails, and some people use pantyhose. I'm so dry/low humidity that I don't expect much root growth even with daily sprayings, so I'm happy as long as they are firmly attached. Oh, I also have a vertically hanging branch that I have a series of Neos tied on at different heights...

If you don't have a structure to attach branches to, the larger branches can be made into nice little 'trees'. I cement them into a 5 gallon pot either vertical or at an angle. The potted part can be 'planted' in the ground or if balanced left on the surface as the concrete is usually heavy enough.

These are pretty much all new this year (as I'm fairly new to this addiction too), so I'm hoping they will fill in a little bit more and end up looking a little more natural in a year or two. My advice is be creative and use what you have handy. Good luck.

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cheers Andy
no need to apologise at all - pics look great, though I don know what you mean - hard to catch the bdetail.light etc of each plants. All your set ups will look fantastic when they plants continue to fill out. has definetely given me some ideas on different set ups so cheers again for sharing.

I've been away with mates over the weekend and I cant wait for tomorrow to get outside and check on all my broms - hhmmmm addicted??


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