Cactus ID

toddinsoutherncal(zone 10)November 19, 2005

Hello all -

Heres a cactus I couldn't resist picking up at a local box store. Mama and twenty pups for 5 bucks. The plant wasn't labeled so I'd really like an ID. Can you tell by looking at the cephalium if a plant has flowered yet?



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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

How about Discocactus zehntneri? I wonder if it might be grafted under there?

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cactusjordi(z10 CA)

I would rather say it is Discocactus bueneckeri.
Where is James? He is THE expert for this kind of plants.


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toddinsoutherncal(zone 10)

Interesting thought S-n-B. I was going to repot it today but thought I would wait to see if it flowered soon. I didn't want to shock it out of flower. I just moved alot of the top dressing away and it doesn't look grafted at all.

I'll look up D. zehntneri in the meantime.



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toddinsoutherncal(zone 10)

Thanks Jordi- We must have posted at the same time. It looks very much like D. Bueneckeri and I will consider it such until it flowers. Thanks - ToddO

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billinsc(7B SC)

That is a fantastic score!!! Congrats!!
Bill in SC

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jamesicus(Tucson AZ)

I have been gone all week-end. I think you have one of the many Discocactus hybrids/cultivars that are becoming fairly common in cultivation. Plants of this genus are quite easy to cross-pollinate and hybridize. Andrew Tourbechev (sp.), Miles Anderson and myself (I am sure there are others) have produced quite a few hybrids in the last few years -- some successful -- some not. One much sought after result is to cross D. buenekeri and D. horstii in order to produce a plant that would have the freely produced basal offsets and intense floral fragrance of the former and the intensly colored epidermis and pronounced cephalium/rib structure of the latter. We are not quite there yet. I have appended photos of some of these hybrids below. I suspect your plant is a hybrid of D. buenekeri and D. zehntneri.

D. buenekeri x D. horstii

D. horstii x D. buenekeri

D. crystallophilus x D. horstii

D. insignis x D. crystallophilus

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jamesicus(Tucson AZ)

I wouldn't disturb it at all, Todd. It may have flowered and the floral/fruit remnants removed. With good treatment it should flower on and off throughout the year. My D. buenekeri and D. horstii have produced flowers in great profusion over the past two weeks. Refer to for cultivational information.

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