Pipevine Swallowtail on Tropical Milkweed...

dragonflydeeJuly 19, 2014

I was so pleased this afternoon to see a pv in the back yard
Nectaring on this milkweed.I do not see as many every
Season compared to others such as Tigers,Palamedes,
Spicebush plus some Zebras.

I have not yet located Pipevines here, and lost Fimbriata
Seeds I tried the year we had so much rain that persisted
Into the Fall.The fact that I do see these butterflies proves
The plants are here but maybe not in abundance.

I do have Ironweed coming into bloom at this time,and
Last season found a pv on this plant right beside a little
hummingbird moth.So,I am glad they like this milkweed
Because the two buckets I bought have thrived here.

If the Ironweed in the yard(also easy to grow here)has
Acted as an attractant then I will increase both plants.

The butterfly had intense blue flooding the lower wings
Dorsal surface so I guess it was a male?


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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

Yes, the males are the ones with the most blue on their hindwings, DD. I got a picture earlier this year of a male pipevine swallowtail nectaring on some tropical milkweed -

If you'd plant either Aristolochia tomentosa or A. macrophylla, you'd get pipevine swallowtail eggs and cats, eventually. They're a joy to raise!


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Oh sherry I want that pict as a poster

I have ever been a fan of the great Russian Vasily Kandinsky
His Abstract Expressionist paintings were inspired(He said)
By Moscow in the low sun when those onion shaped roofs
Became luminous with flooded colors.
When some of his paintings became completely abstracted I
Started seeing butterfly wings.

I love intense color fields and contrast.


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woollybear69(9b Fla.)

A beautiful butterfly photo.

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