Do they get any bigggger?

devo_2006December 22, 2009

While out watering the garden tonight, I came across this monster neo. I think the leaves are about the biggest I've I had to grab the camera & take a couple of pic's. The central leaves are getting up to 15 cm across! I feel I should be taking it along to the county fair, & entering it right next to the giant pumpkins ;-)

Are there any neo's with wider leaves?

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Wow Andrew, that is a big bugger! I just went and biggest one is ~10ish cm wide (but a lot longer and much more lanky). I think mine is a cruenta hybrid. Love the faint marmoration and the speckles (and how big it is of course).

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I have a couple with leaf width of 7 to 8 inches

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Andrew, that is a huge one! Is it Neo c-a? Mine has leaves only 13cm wide. But I do have another plant that might beat yours a tiny bit! Neo Bobbie Hull. I just cheated a little bit by using my dress makers tape so it can follow the curvature of the leaf and getting the exact width like if you flatten out the leaf. Your plant also has much more interesting colour, but if mine had enough sun, the leaf colour would have been much darker. Excuse the dark picture, I had to use the flash as it was dark already when I read this. I'll get a better picture tomorrow in daylight.


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This dark picture looks really horrible so I went looking for one that does the plant more justice! I found this one taken a bit more than a month ago of the same plant:

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Hi everyone,

I don't think I have any Neo's that big but I'll go and have a look later this morning.

They're both plants with nice, big, rounded, filled in shape and it will be interesting to see what percentage of these traits they pass on to their progeny.

Judging by all the name tags in the cups, Japie aims to find out in the next couple of years.

Japie, are you going to take us on a hybridizing journey like Andrew did in his posts? If so, it should also be a very interesting trip.

Thanks for sharing, all the best, Nev.

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Yep...its a c-a Japie. One of a small group that I grew on from seed. The seed was from our society seed bank, & tagged as c-a x c-a. This one has the c-a look to it, the colouration is not great but it does have wider leaves than any of my other c-a's. Some others of this batch came out looking just like johannis.

Your Bobbie Hull is the winner so far! That's a great plant...& full of potential by the looks ;-)

HDD, if you reckon you can beat Japie's neo...then let see the pic's!

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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Wow, Japie and Andrew, those really are terrific plants. I had thought that some of mine were monsters, but they are nothing like that. I do like them though and they still are pretty big, so here they are anyway.

'Red Macaw'

'De Rolf'

'Exotica Velvet' (a bit over-cooked. It has been in full sun through the summer so far)

'Jaws albomarginata'

Lets see a few more monsters! Come on HDD.

Cheers, Paul

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