Third time's a charm right???

lalalulu8(7)November 24, 2006

If it doesn't work this time...I give up!!! If you want background info, look at "uhhh...not dead?". Basically it's really sunburned, but looks like it's trying to recover.

keeping my fingers crossed!!!

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Well, for one it's a euphorbia, not a cactus. Perhaps E. Horrida, or a close relative. It aught to survive, or at least the offsets will. The new growth at the top is promising.

It also looks like it has a LOT of ripe seed pods, collect the seeds from them and plant them to get more plants. Fresh euphorbia seed has a nearly 100% germination rate for me, and euphorb plantlets are much larger and easier to grow than cacti seedlings. Just plant them 1/4" deep in a shallow dish or small pots, water and put them somewhere warm (like the top of the fridge) until they germinate (as short as 2 days). I cover mine with plastic wrap until they pop up, unlike cacti they grow multi-inch roots within days so they can be uncovered once they pop up. Each pod should have 3 seeds the size of BBs. Wash your hands after handling euphorbias because their sap is a skin irritant. I use the same precautions as I do when handling hot peppers.

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oh, thanks! I had no idea that those were seed pods! As far as I knew, it had never had flowers on it. I thought those might have been buds or something. All my other succulents are inside in a southern window and this one was outside as an experiment of mine.

thanks for the ID too, I hadn't expected that considering it was just a cheapo one from HD or somewhere of the like.


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