Sone Aechmea in bloom

neomeaDecember 4, 2008

Hi all

A few random pics from this morning......

We know this one...

Frederick varie...I love that big flower

These are nice....



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I reckon you know that sone is SOME!

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The 3rd. Aechmea pictured looks like Ae. 'Reginaldo' (variegated form of 'Romero'). Refer my article on Uncle Derek Says # 19.


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So there's something that we South Africans can grow that compares well (or better) with the rest of the world. I am refering to the first picture!

The rest are also very nice Dennis!


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Hi Guys

Thanks Geoff, I wasnt actually sure do to the purple underside of the leaves...I have a plant labelled Ae. 'Reginaldo' next door to that plant and they definitly look different. Maybe I should go and double check...thanks again

Ja Japie...Thanks for that man...I hope the pink lasts cause it has been cloudy/partly cloudy for the last two months and as soon as we have a bright sunny day the colours will get bleached out quickly. I have my fingers crossed!

Cheers guys


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The last one looks more like the albomarginated form of Fia to me, Dennis.

And yes, you SA boys do have a way with pectinata! I haven't been growing it because the ones I've seen just had the pink tips on the lowest leaves, not all over like that. Hmmm.... I may have to reconsider! Does it only color up like that when it's blooming, or is it more of a seasonal thing?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Lovely aechmeas, Dennis - thanks!
Your pectinata is as good as Japie's - beautiful!

Lisa, about two years ago I bought an Aechmea pectinata from Olive T. which has "Hawaiian form" added to the label. Although it has given me three pups, the mother plant is yet to flower. The difference in it to the 'normal' pectinata, thus far, is the subtle pink flush to the centre leaves on the Hawaiian form - which the usual one does not get. Does that sound familiar?
I have flowered the 'normal' one several times. It only colours intensely like Dennis and Japie's on flowering - although the leaf ends do get slight pink mottling seasonally, in years prior to flowering. I believe that intense pink on leaves is a pollinator attractor, due to the insignificantly-coloured inflorescence.


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Kerry, whatever I've seen is probably the "Hawaiian form" so I don't have anything to compare it to. Your description sounds about right though. Are the 2 forms about the same size? I'd be interested to know if the local boy colors up just as well for you as Mr. Normal. If not, I may have to import one.

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Thanks All

Lisa-kerry is spot on, pink tips when not in bloom and that pink "blaze" when in bloom! Thanks for the Fia I.D.


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