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chomphupantipDecember 16, 2010

Dear Bromeliads Lovers

In Thailand, we have 2 bromeliads forum

Please visit our forum, I as a new member just posting on the forum have some nice pictures to show you as well as I need your experience to give the name for the unlabelled plants.

Thank you


My latest posting

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Hi chomphupantip

Thank's for that information, I'm sure a lot of us will be looking up your forums as we are familiar with the high quality of the beautiful Thai bromeliads posted here in the past.

Unfortunately this forum is pretty quite lately as a lot of the regular members are now posting on the new forum (, however there are still a few like me who like to visit both forums.

Thank's once again, and may I wish you and your family all the best for the festive season.


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Thank you Nev and Happy New Year to you and all bromeliads lovers.
Winter in Thailand is mild with temperature where I live is 10-20 deg Celcius at night. Neoregilia shows its best color during this time.
Please visit our forum where I have just loaded new pictures to share with you.

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