Cold hardy?

clarabelle63April 15, 2011

I was wondering if someone could tell me what the chances are that my NOID Brugs made it through the winter. I have 3, all NOID's, that I cut back to about 2 foot tall after the first hard frost and then mulched over with approximately 8 to 10 inches of mulch. The largest one, a yellow, has a stalk base larger than my ankle. Our temps averaged in the 30's for most of the winter, but we had quite a bit of snow, and of course some even colder weather. For the past couple of years, they were potted plants, but last summer I put them in the garden and turned them loose. I am hoping that the yellow one might come back from the root since it was so large. I've pulled back the mulch on all 3 and the stocks still feels tight in the ground, but I see no leaf buds. I might add that the one brug that I kept in the house all winter just broke dormancy and started leafing out within the past two weeks.

Thanks for your time!

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chena(z8 Texas)

Sounds from your description that you should be good!! Isn't seeing them wake up just a thing of Beauty!! Good Luck! ;0)

BTW!! Welcome I look forward to seeing you around!


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If they are in the ground in zone 6 they might not come back. Always take cuttings before a frost as back up in your zone.

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Thanks for the replies! I did cuttings this year, like last year, but had no luck with them. I had so much on my mind with family issues that I was not "attentive" enough (I actually forgot to keep them watered! eek!) So, I am stuck with the four I have, one which I know is alive, and three that MIGHT be. I wish I had a larger home and a greenhouse, then my love for plants would be Oh so much easier to deal with!

Thanks again!

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I live in zone 6B, I tried 2 yrs in a row to mulch & keep alive a couple Brugs to no avail, this zone is not a good zone to leave out Brugs, your best bet is to winter them over in a basement or in the house in front of good windows
I hope this helps


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