Succulent dish

haxuan(Vietnam)November 26, 2008

Just wish to share a pic of my succulent dish. One of the plants in the dish has bloomed recently.

I'm trying to figure how to keep the plants small. Maybe root prune? I'd appreciate your tips on how to do this.

Xuan (from Vietnam)

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Xuan,

Fancy meeting you here -- I know you from Hoya forum. Lovely little succulents you've got. The bloomer is a Gasteria.

Here's some IDs for you from the bloomer Gasteria (maybe G. lilliputana),

to its right a Haworthia (don't know which),

the little cutie w/ the variegation just to its left is another Gasteria,

below that, a Haworthia limifolia (the spiraling one),

to the left of that, w/ the white markings is a beautiful Agave (maybe A. americana),

On the far left, I don't know, some kind of Crassula or Pachyphytum?

How to keep 'em small? Tradionally, these plants don't get very big, except maybe that Agave may get larger than the rest. Don't fertilize & don't pot up larger.

These plants don't really need big roots, at least not the Gasteria & some of the Haworthia. Also, Gasteria prefer some shade or to be under a taller plan. Haworthias also like some shade, tho' less than the Gasterias.

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Nice dish indeed, it really looks great! Whether you intended to or not, you chose some great succulents if you want them to stay small. I agree with all of Pirate_Girl's ID's, except I think the Agave is A. victoria-reginae. If you are lucky, it is 'forma compacta' which won't get very big. Also, the unknown Haworthia looks to me like Haworthia coarctata.

To keep them small, just grow them hard. Not much water, not much food, plenty of light, and don't bother repotting...

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omniphasic(9 Ca)

I definitely agree with the others posting responses.These are all naturally dwarf plants and will do quite well in part shade.Keep them dry all year too!

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Hi Xuan..I see no pic...whats happening here where do I go to see the pic???? linda

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Emerald,

Pls. check your computer or try again, the pic is right there (at least on my computer).

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there is no picture here..

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The unknown plant on the far left looks suspiciously similar to my Graptoveria (Graptopetalum x Echeveria), except that the leaves are a little fatter on mine, which could be due to cultural differences. Gorgeous-looking dish, will last a good long while!

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