Cabbage Whites Have Eclosed! :)

Krystalfoxfire(6b)July 11, 2012

3 of 9 pupae eclosed this morning around 10am! :D

I was alerted when the wind caught up in the blinds next to the terrarium and started making a racket.

I went over to shut the window in time to see the 3rd butterfly begin to emerge!

All 3 are female and healthy! :)

They will be released along with the others in a few days time. (and I would like to try and breed 2 for a few more eggs and try a 2nd round at butterfly raising)

I've moved them from their little terrarium lined with mesh screen, into an old 10 gallon fishtank (which looks rather bleak compared to the chipper looking pink/purple one, lol).

In the tank; I have a small sponge with water, a few branches for perching, a small vine like plant, and a home-made nectar feeder consisting of a plastic tube and a fake flower with a hole through the center for access to nectar. There is also some nectar in a shallow lid, incase they don't get the hint from the flower.

How can I be sure they are feeding? Or do they need to feed on nectar so soon after eclosure? Is there anything else I should give them until they are all ready to be let go?

Going to have to learn how to climb some trees or make a serious moth trap if I'm going to find something other than Cabbage Whites around here! ;)

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

Congratulations on your cabbage whites!

Butterflies don't need to nectar right after eclosing, and, in the past, when I've offered them flowers for nectaring, they completely ignored it. Just release your butterflies when they're ready to go, which, I assume would be after about ?6 hours or more - they'll let you know by their constant wing fluttering.


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If you are in a cool, coastal area or a highly developed urban setting, the butterflies will be limited. 95% of what comes through here are cabbage whites--and we are 70 miles from the ocean.

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If you Offer natural flowers like nettles and clover as well as on common flowers such as buddleia, Michaelmas daisy, and ice plant, they would be more enough. These flowers contains a high concentration of nectar.

Here is a link that might be useful: Home and Garden

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