Some of my new brugs for this season

karyn1(7a)April 2, 2010

I spent 7 hours repotting passion vines and rooted brug cuttings. My back is killing me but I love being able to work outside. The weather is just beautiful. I haven't even touched my older brugs or seedlings started this season not to mention all my other plants that need repotting. I'm sure my attitude won't be quite so upbeat by the time I'm finished with everything. lol It will be another month before I can plant any brugs in the yard. I'm really excited about many of the varieties (thanks mainly to Edna and Mike) I have this year and hope they do well. Some of my new ones are:

Langenbuscher garten

Swingtime (has a Y)

Emerald Frost



Angels Golden Dream


Lemon Meringue


Mango Crush

Super Spot

There's several more that aren't labeled or the tags have faded so they'll be surprises. I also started several promising seed crosses but don't expect those to bloom this year unless I send them to Brenda. lol

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I hear you one day I am going to build a table just for repotting so my backs not broken. i did build one for a older customer he liked never got around to doing one for me. I have lots of plumeria I pot 100-150 at a time thats a broken back! lol I just gave all the brugs a drink fertilizer and epson salt just a little. We had 4-6 inches rain last weekend they really liked that.Looking at your list see you been shopping with Eddie he really does have some excellent cuttings. I belong to daves too they have what they call the recipe its a bunch of different things they put toegther they swear by it spray the leaves and use it as fertilizer. The aussie brug site there big on cow poop when they make there beds they put it where the plants roots go down into it. They do excellent they get quite a few 6 pointers There pictures are breath taking drop dead gorgouese. I have the passy's too there neat but here the invasive have to keep them in a pot, ride down the road they grow like a weed

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I do have a couple potting benches but they are in the greenhouse and I wanted to be outside. I didn't buy anything from Eddie. These were all from trades or gifts. I haven't bought a brug in years.

I made the mistake of trying to see how my plumerias would fare if I stored them bareroot. Not good. I had damage to about 30 plumies that I know aren't going to get any inflos this season. The ones I kept in the greenhouse and the pudicas should bloom. I don't bother with plumies from seed anymore. The first time I planted plumeria seeds I didn't realize what a high germination rate they had and was stuck with over 100 seedlings. Over the years I gave all of them away. Since they don't grow true and it takes so long to bloom from seed I just go with cuttings or plants.

Passifloras are one of my loves, maybe more then brugs. There's so many beautiful varieties. I have a cool greenhouse in the summer just for tasconias. lol

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haase(10 CA)

Karyn, it is so refreshing to read an "UP"-post from you, telling me that you are back in business and no longer bored. You've had so many downfalls this past season, enough is enough. Happy springtime, happy planting!


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Thats great news!

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givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)

My friend, amazing what warmer weather will do for you, right? We can take pains, we could not any other time, if it was not for the love of gardening lol.

Sounds like you are keeping up with the Brug season and you will make it!

Oh did I mention yet that I am switching to all Texas plants once the brugs are in the ground and decide not to come back...that is it for me.

Another winter with the shed that broke my heart. All Plummies died...I think. Got lots of mush.

But I am really happy with gardening. Laying bricks...digging holes for all the shrubs etc I got from my friends here last year. Time to find them a permanent home.

Will look forward to many many pictures from all of you :-)


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Wow Karyn, you have been a busy bee! Some lovely brugs you got there. I got Confusion as a SS gift from Eddie, plus a few others that are already potted up and outside. The only one that appears not to be making it, is Super Spot :-( Even cuttings of SS from Dweeb a while back, didn't make it. These are my latest acquisitions from Eddie, and was thrilled that he was able to send me Orange Infusion! They are now rooted and will be potted up soon.

Angel Golden Dreams
Orange Infusion

I only have two passionvines: Incense and a noid, possibly caerulea. Incense as you know sprouts up in different places, and caerulea reseeds all over the place. Both get lots of fruit, but I just let them be.

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Karyn, your list sounds amazing. Can't wait to see the beautiful pictures when they bloom.

There was a large native passie in a field nearby, but I've seen no sign of it so far this year.

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I had incense popping up 20 feet away from the original plant but I like it so much that I've always left it alone. The winter before last was so brutal that it killed my hardy passies. I think the heavy snow cover probably protected them this past winter. We'll see, I don't expect to see them coming up until late May, early June.

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Karyn, I know exactly what you mean about Incense. My original planting of a 6" little plant in the backyard traveled to the front yard. Now they sprout on the side by the driveway and up in different parts of the front yard. I did pull up what was in the backyard, and do pull out some sprouts from the front yard because it will definitely take over every other plant. I too love Incense, its scent and the butterflies and large black and some golden bumblebees it attracts! Hope the snow kept your passionvines nice and warm.

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Karyn, I have a couple passies, 3 years old now, and they really could use new soil as they are potbound. Can I root prune them and give them new soil and pots without going up in pot size? Or going up MUCH in pot size? I think they're in 8" pots now.

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I don't see why not but remember that you must remove a good deal of the above ground growth if you root prune.

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taz56(z8 Ga.)

Wow! Karyn, sound like you have it going on! Those are some nice brugs added to your collection. I can't wait
to see pictures!

P.S. Eloise sounds like you are busy too,aint spring great!

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Thanks Karyn and Eloise. I'll search a wider area on my next walk. It's near a creek so it could have moved with all the rain we had. Also good to know that it might still be early for it.

This one is p. incarnata which is native here. I lost all my rooted cuttings this winter and really want to preserve this before development gets it.

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Does any one have a red passion vine starter or cutting for trade or sase I can pay postage. Thanks Marcie

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It's too early to cut my vitifolia or coccinea but you can usually find those or Lady Margaret on Ebay for a reasonable price.

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Karyn, you are so SPOILED!!! You make me sick with envy! But I do enjoy the idea of knowing that some people do get their fill of what I'd of liked had I had my

That's going to cost a bit just for the soil ammendments to keep those babies going. Not including time and muscle! I know you know it'll be worth every blooming surprise!

In the last 3 days, we had a day near 86F, we had a day long rain and storming and tomorrow night we're threatened to be hitting below freezing in the Detroit, Mi & Windsor Area! Too much! I've never paid this much attention to weather during this finicky month of the year but I planted Kylies MG way too early and they are dieing, as are my mothers. I haven't lost a single germinated brug seed that Kylie sent me, but my pet squirrel is now my enemy as I try to figure a way to introduce the seedlings to outside w/o Miss Squirrel turning them over. I use blood meal that works but I've never used it on the soil of seedlings.
I've kept this squirrel around for years now and she comes for bread with a certain calling. I'll have to get a picture of her.

Of all the batches of daturas I have going right now, Kylie's have all but 2 sprouted while the rest just are getting started with one or two if any, but they're coming and Kylie's did come surprisingly fast.

Has Kylie gone on a journey to see her latest little flower to her garden, Gwen? I tried to find a notice from her that she wouldn't be attending the forum for a spread of time but couldn't find I know we usually just cut out for a while, maybe months, but it's Kylie. I'm accustomed to hearing from her here.

Passionflowers are medicinal too and I would of preferred to have grown those rather than the clematis for that reason but I prefer perennials even more. I hate losing plants.

- Sandy

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Karyn, I can't wait to see how the Langenbuscher garten
does. I really want one.

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Karyn sounds like you have an extensive collection!!I am glad you are back, sorry to hear you had some trouble, will you please post pics,later?You know I would love to be friends with EDDIE, he sounds like a nice person to know with all those plants and his enabling us addicts!! I hope to be able to post some pictures of my few babies that I have. Later Marcie

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Marcie are you confusing me with someone else? Yes I have an extensive collection of plants, not just brugs but I've been here and haven't been having any trouble. Unless you consider chasing a 5 yr old and dealing with a 16 yr old DS who wants his license and the daily drama from a 13 yr old DD trouble. lol

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forever_a_newbie(z7/8 VA)

Karynl the list is very impressive. It is amazing you can handle some many plants! Happy gardening. Changsong

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