Sedum Competition on Green Roof

SLAMrugrApril 9, 2012


Me and my design team are pretty new at anything that deals with planting. We want to design a green roof, and were just wondering if 2 different sedums species put together would result in a competition between the species?

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It depends on the species, but all things being similar (you have cold-hardy Sedums and they do well there), no, I don't think you can ascribe a competition between the two - that's going anthropomorphic on me and I can't handle that. Seriously, no, I don't think so - the one that's most adaptable / suited for the environment / conditions will do better. You might think about using both high and low Sedums, or those that lose their leaves and those that don't.

A picture of your species to be used would help.

Sedum roofs - simply the best, if I may be blunt.

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Below is a link to a list of sedums for roof tops.

Google "Penn State Center for Green Roof Research" for technical info, no list of sedums there though.

This will tell you how to prepare a roof in the Permaculture Forum

Where you are located will determine what plants you use.


Here is a link that might be useful: Sedums for roof

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