Oh no....My Burgs have aphids...Darn these Pests!!!

ashley_plant_addict(Zone 8)April 19, 2010

So...my Brugs have aphids.

I saw a Karyn posted a thread about these in 2009.

Some suggestions were to blend an onion, garlic clove, 1 tbs cayenne pepper and water then refrigerate. Any one tried this?

Another suggestion I've seen are ladybugs. I've seem a couple in my back patio but probably not enough.

Also, I don't have a hose to spray my plants down though I do have a spray bottle to mist my plants. Can I just wipe off the aphids and spray the plant with some kind of solution to prevent them from returning?



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Buy ladybugs. You can get them in containers of 1500, 3000, 5000, etc. Release them on the infested plants in the evening so they don't immediately fly away. Many will fly away but many will stay and breed as long as there's aphids to eat. I buy them at a local nursery, online and Ebay.

I haven't found that the pepper, garlic mixes work well but you can try it. I do have a stinky raw egg, oil, water and garlic concoction that's great for keeping woodland critters like Bambi and Thumper away : ) Even if you can't blast your plants with a hose frequent misting will help because aphids (and all or most sucking insects) thrive in dry conditions. Good luck.

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ashley_plant_addict(Zone 8)

Thanks Karyn! Do you know if I can buy them at HD or Lowes?

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Not at the big box here but maybe in other areas. There's several on Ebay now and online that have them in stock and check your local private nurseries.

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haase(10 CA)

I just bought a bottle of Bayer Advanced Rose and Flower insect killer, cause I have other plants to spray besides the brugs. Lasts up to 3 months. Around 4 bucks.
But then again, you may have many more plants to worry about than me.
When I bought ladybugs, they just flew away as soon as I set them free. At least I had the satisfaction of setting something free.........

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I too am battling them- I find removing badly infested leaves & spraying the rest with a squirt bottle with soapy solution of water & dish liquid quickly knocks them off & kills them. Then the lady bugs started coming in, so I let them take over, didn't want to kill them too!
Keep your brugs a little more moist, that will help!

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princealbert(Aransas Pass TX)

I made a mint tea mixture and it seems to work for me. the recipe is here in GW but I can't find it right now.
I have been plagued with snails. I can't put any babies outside without them loosing their heads overnight.

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The slugs are out in force now. They are some of the most destructive critters that I deal with. Time to go buy more DE.

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threas(z7 PA)

Hi Ashey! Hope you get rid of your aphid problem.
Alot of my houseplants and brugs have the deformed leaves, I guess they're mites! Makes me wish I had aphids. LOL
Karyn, I bought the food grade DE use it for pests and chinchilla bath dust too.:)


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I would never have thought to use it as chin dust. I wonder if I could substitute chin dust for DE? I always have plenty of chin dust around. I'm pretty sure that Cinders is pregnant again. She's been caged with a male since last fall and is looking pretty fat. It's so hard to tell if they are pg especially since she's such a large chin. All my others are separated by sex. I need more babies like a hole in the head and if I do have another litter I MUST SELL them!!!!!! I already have 7. Maybe I'll start a jacket, just kidding!

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threas(z7 PA)

KARYN, HA HA on the jacket! ;P I think chinchilla dust is pumice, volcanic and mineral based. Don't think it has the sharp pieces that kill the insects...??? But, who knows.
I've been wanting to send you a goodie package anyway. Do you want some DE? I bought a BIG bag...

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ashley_plant_addict(Zone 8)

We had a good rain this past week and I don't see many anymore but I'm sure they're hiding underneath a smaller leaf or something to stay dry. I'll get them!

Chinchillas! Aww how cute!


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