Every year brings surprises

tom123_gw(9b)July 7, 2013

I've been into butterfly gardening for some years now and I find that each year seems to be very different. This year I haven't seen one Pipevine and only one Polydamas. Usually the Polydamas are all over my property at this time of year. The Pipevines start later, but I've been seeing them in June the last few years. This year, nada.

On the other hand I have loads of Zebra Longwings and Eastern Blacks. If we get a severe freeze I won't see the Zebras until mid-July. This year they were around in numbers in March.

The numbers rest of the butterflies seem to be fairly normal. I'm seeing lots of Giants, Sulphurs, Fritillaries, Monarchs and Skippers. Just seeing one or two Tigers every week. They normally come around in greater numbers later in the summer.

How about you guys? I bet there are unusual things happening in your garden also.

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bandjzmom(7 NWGeorgia)

Not much goin on here in NW GA Tom. Seeing a few Sulphurs, Whites, and an occ. Eastern tailed Blue. Have raised Black SWT, Spicebush SWT, Zebra SWT, Sleepy Orange, and Cloudless Sulphur cats so far this season, so I am obviously missing seeing some of what is coming through! I don't worry much about them unless I am not seeing them in August and September.

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angie, i'm in NW ga also, and new to butterfly gardening... what have you found to be the best resources around here and the best/worst plants, pests, etc?
thanks :)

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It has been raining so much here in SC that I am contemplating building an ark to save butterflies 2 by 2 LOL. Nothing much to report sadly except for some zebras longwings. I have never had them so far North so it is pretty exciting. The weather is much cooler than average. Hummingbirds moths and hummingbirds are also missing in this Summer picture. I keep hoping things will return to normal soon ! No pipevine, the very occasional tiger, no monarch or black swallowtail. They normally are in such abundance!

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Things seem to be sputtering to life finally here in Madison, WI.
Saw a BST laying on parsley, along c a Mourning Cloak, ALs, and loads of Cabbage Whites. No hummers, hummer moths yet.
I saw an RSP ELF on a buddy's cherry tree. Beautiful sight:) I've only seen two or three Monarchs this year, and I got to raise 13 beautiful cats.
I've had lots of American Ladies on my Antennaria and Anaphalis. They seem to like Valerian nectar.
Waiting for the next Monarch ELF.

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bandjzmom(7 NWGeorgia)

Hi Lena! Well, it looks like we are really close in proximity to each other. We should meet up for lunch sometime, or you can drive up to Ringgold and I will show you what is in my yard. I guess we are about 30-40 min drive apart. I am ultimately trying to provide host plantings for every species of butterfly that I see here. As for the most used butterfly nectar plants in my yard, I would definitely vote for Lantana, Zinnia, and Butterfly Bush. You may send a private message to me if you want to meet up one day.
Angie :o)

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bandjzmom(7 NWGeorgia)

Hi Lena,
I was not aware that this lecture was scheduled here in town. Thanks for letting me know. I may just decide to go and check it out.

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