Would someone like to trade with me?

snowdogmama(high mountain desert Zone 5)April 11, 2012

Sorry to post this in the regular forum but I dont think the exchange forum gets much traffic.

I would like

any named epi cuttings (have none currently)

any named easter cactus

any named christmas cactus that I do not have, would love the variegated one, heirloom ones

any variegated euphorbia

any variegated hoya

a pregnant onion

rhipsalis Lepismium cruciforme 'Spiralis'

rhip romulosa aka red mistletoe rhipsalis

wide leaf rhips except for elliptica

Feather Cactus Mammillaria plumosa

Mammillaria Shiedeana

Kalanchoe hybrida tri-color pink mother million

Callisia fragrans green and variegated

vine Dischidia oiantha , aka jade vine, Dischidia nummularia �Pebble Beach�?

I have available for trade

Aztec beans for seeds (30 seeds per trade)

Copper King mammillia elongata

Goldilocks mammillia elongata

Rose Quartz (the skinny one from a few years ago)

heirloom non sticky orange peanut cactus

golden rat tail cactus pieces (currently curing now, ends and middles)

white thimble cactus

rainbow and green striped je

green, variegated and reverse variegated spider plants

Kalanchoe tubiflora aka Maternity Plant, Mother of Thousands

philodendron Swiss Cheese Philodendron and philodendron Brasil

Rubber Ivy aka Turtle Ivy vine Senecio macroglossus variegatus

Hoya carnosa variegata Queen rooted cuttings

Succulent sansevieria trifasciata snake plant variegated, mature divisions from my plant.

These are the xmas cactus that I currently have christin, christmas fantasy, cyber dancer, exotic dancer, dark marie, harmony, malissa, maruska, nicole, thor alex, thor nille, thor tenna, youp, stephanie. they are all available for trade.

easter cactus hot pink, pale pink, orangy red, orange, white

aquatics, parrot feather, yellow iris zone 3.

Is anyone tempted?

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

While I have nothing to trade, I must agree wholeheartedly that in gets very little traffic. Don't understand why this is because I would thing this would be a perfect place to trade/purchase plants from a central location. Either people don't realize it is there, don't know how to use it or haven't a clue. I've had several items listed that I would love to trade/purchase and never hear from anyone. Now I find I have an extra Dorstenia gigas and would love to sell it but nary an inquiry. Good luck

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snowdogmama(high mountain desert Zone 5)

Its not just the cactus succulent exchange that is dead. I have been watching the hoya and houseplant for the last couple of months. They are dead also. Maybe there aren't many people working on collections in this rotten economy.

On a happy note, I have had two traders email me. I am so excited. i love new plants. Good luck with your xtra plants also.

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I've been wondering the same thing also about the trading forum..I would love to buy from people on here in hopes of finding succulents I can't find anywhere else (can't really trade cause my collection isn't quite big enough yet)..it's just too bad...

I don't really have anything on your list...my pregnant onions has alot of babies but they're small (but they do grow fast) and I have a nice size "louise" easter cactus, but I don't have any rooted cuttings from it right now...

I would love to buy bulb and caudex succulent plants if anyone has any LOL...


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snowdogmama(high mountain desert Zone 5)

Have your onion babies dropped off? I would love to trade with a new collecter for some onion babies and a couple of Louise cuttings. Do I have anything you desire?

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If you want to buy caudex / pachycaul plants why not order them from nurseries such as Miles2go or Starr Nursery?

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Bulbs, too - dormant-for-four-months- Albucas sitting unseen in the pot (from Starr Nursery) are sprouting on up. They're out there for purchase from reputable folks.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)


Perhaps the Exchange Forum is slow because it's too early to start shipping for swaps or trades for at least half the US.

I see you're in Mtn Desert UT. I'm in NYC it was 43 degrees this morning, too cold to ship anything anywhere.

Perhaps if you wait a bit more into Spring & posted at the Exchange Forum where this belongs, others will respond, or at least respond enough to tell you they need at least another month before they can swap (I sent just such an EM to a 3-way swap last week). A bit of patience is in order here pls.

Flower Pot Tipper,

Sorry, but we're really not allowed to sell, pls. read the Special Instructions for Exchanges to familiarize yourself with what is permitted.

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snowdogmama(high mountain desert Zone 5)

hmmmmm, the houseplant exchange only has one new exchange listed in 2012, hoya also only one new exchange in 2012, the cactus looks almost red hot with a dozen or so listings for 2012. It has been my experience in years gone past that the southern gardeners started listing trades in feb. Many were finished trading by may. perhaps times have changed.

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the onion babies haven't dropped off yet, but they should very soon...but there are a bunch of babies on the bottom on the onions that I can't see...I'll check later on today to see if they're ready...I do have a medium-small pregnant onion I would probably be willing to part with for a trade..it has two babies on it right now...how about you e-mail me and I could end you pictures of it and the Louise plants...but I wouldn't be able to send them for atleast a week or so because I have Pneumonia right now...I can barely move, so if I don't answer right away, don't think I've forgotten..I'll take a look at your trade list and see what I might want...

My email is in my profile.


I'll check out those places you mentioned..I just want good plants at reasonable prices...thank you.


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simonbetta216(7 NC)

I am interested in the philodendron brasil cuttings. I have plants to trade but none are in your list.

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