Euphorbia Cuttings

borrego(Z 10 L.A. Cal.)December 22, 2005

I think this is a pencil plant, but will leave that possibility open to those with more knowledge. Aside from the latex, any precautions to take when taking cuttings? It's getting a little leggy and I can take cuttings to friends. Is now the time to try to root cuttings? I am in Los Angeles........

Image link:

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this plant looks like a Senecio to me, not like a Euphorbia. Pick a leaf and look over the flowing out sap. If the plant is a Euphorbia of some sort the sap must be white in any case.


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jeffrey_harris(San Diego, CA)


Frank knows his Euphorbias (and what's more, knows other people's too); he's correct. I forget which succulent Senecio (Daisy Family) that is, perhaps S. articulatus.

You shouldn't have much of a problem rooting them now, but it's done more quickly in the Spring, when higher temps yield greater results.

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I grow articulatus and am certain the plant in the photo is not that. The stems look like S. articulatus, but the leaves do not. Articulataus makes a little crown of lobulated leaves, this plant has a different type of leaf shape and arrangement. So Senecio, yes. Articulatus, no.

I'm sorry I can't offer a more precise identification.

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The plant looks similar to S. longiflora. Sure looks healthy. Yale

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

It does look like a Senecio but not S. articulatus.

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To answer your original question, yes the cuttings will take now. Better in the spring with a little more warmth, but OK now in zone 10.

BTW I agree with the ID as far as it goes above.

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paul_in_long_beach(Z 10 Sunset 24)

I posted pics of this plant (including one in bloom) not long ago. I'm calling it Senecio anteuphorbium. Do a search on my user name for the pics and web sites IDing the plant.

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Could be K. (or Senecio) anteuphorbium; mine is stockier, and not so vigorous. Yale

Here is a link that might be useful: K. anteuphorbium

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