Dividing Alstroemeria

no_regrets(SoCal Sunset 23)February 2, 2007

Not sure if there's a better forum for this, but couldn't find a "flower" forum...

When's the best time to dig up and divide crowded alstroemeria (Peruvian lily)? My backyard has an area with white, purple, and yellow-blooming plants (although none are blooming) that are rather crowded and I want to divide them to spread them out a bit. Is now a good time?

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mike0508(Z9 Calif.)

no regrets; I divide my Alstroemeria in late fall after they go dormant. They are still dormant this time of year however, so now is fine to divide the root clumps. I live in a colder zone than you are so my Alstromeria don't pop up until March-April. Alstromeria are easy and forgiving plants to grow. There is a forum called 'Plant Propagation' which may be helpful also. Good luck.

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no_regrets(SoCal Sunset 23)

Let me ask you a newbie question, if you don't mind: how do you know if they are dormant? I always thought that meant the foliage dies back and whatnot, but mine is still fully green and has been sending out new shoots throughout the winter. We've been here since early fall last year, and I've never seen them falter except from the frost... does that complicate the whole dig-up-and-divide?


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I don't think the term 'dormant' really applies to Alstroemeria. They go through growth cycles related to the seasonal temperatures. After a bloom cycle if the spent stems are pulled, as you would a Rhubarb, a new growth cycle will begin with new shoots emerging. This is the best time for dividing in my opinion. Early in the year, like now, you may have many vigorous stems that will never flower, what is known as 'blind stems'. These will get so tall they fall over. I routinely pull them, causing new stems to emerge that will flower. Al

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When is the best time of the year (here in Northernish California) to divide alstroemeria? They have suddenly gotten huge and are spreading rapidly. I love it!

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

I divide mine anytime. I can't kill them. Now is probably a good time because they still have time to recover and bloom in the spring.

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