Coral Tree Pruning

Bubbie71February 10, 2014

I have a beautiful LARGE Coral Tree in my backyard in Southern California. We have a new gardener and he pruned it down to the stumps of the branches. He just pruned it last month at the end of January. Is this healthy for the tree? Will it grow back to full branches and leaves? I am very worried because it is a magnificent tree.
Thank you for any comments.

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Why did he do that? That whole stump pruning isn't good. Fine for certain well known plants that can handle that..but a Coral tree is soft wooded...only needs thinning usually. Some who grow them in colder climates are used to E. crista galli being frozen back..but that's because they have to put up with that. Even that tree looks better un- pruned back.
Sounds like he wanted an excuse to charge you more.
But,it will comeback with loads of fine branches...wait and let the tree sort out the best..and then YOU sort out those that are not growing in a bad direction.
And don't let that guy near your tree again!

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Thank you for your response. Knowing it is not damaged
For good, puts my mind at ease!

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