End of the Hybridising Journey

devo_2006December 20, 2009

The first flowers have just started to open on my correia-araujoi x Gold Fever hybrid, bringing this particular hybridising journey to an end.

The link below will take you back through the journey to my original post. But here is the quick re-cap:-

Just over three years ago, this journey started with the flowering of my nice clone of correia-araujoi. I used it as the mother plant for a few crosses, and this particular journey focused on the cross with Gold Fever. From the start my goal was to create a large tough garden plant which would stand up to our hot summers, & cold wet wintersÂjust as c-a doesÂbut with the colour intensity of Gold Fever. I grew on a batch of 100 seed, & then selected only the most vigorous to grow on to maturity. Most were culled along the way, but this one stood out from an early age, & now some 2 ½ years on, itÂs the pick of the grex.

I must say I am very pleased with the result. This hybrid has the combination of traits I was seeking, it gives the impression of being as tough & as large as c-a, but it also picked up the nice bright marmoration of Gold Fever. A couple of bonus features are the yellow banding and whitish colouration developing in the cup. I would have liked it to develop more of a rosette, but then it has flowered a season earlier than I had expected, & I guess the pups will show better form. This hybrid does have similarities to Justins SongÂwhich in my opinion is not a bad thingÂJustinÂs Song is one of my fav neos, it was actually the plant that inspired me to track down a good clone of c-a & start this hybridising journey in the first place.

And the mandatory Âwet lookÂ

Another of the grex that looks just like a large Gold Fever, it will be worth growing on for another generation to see how the pups develop.

As this hybridising journey comes to an end, I hope youÂve been inspired you to give it a try, & start you own hybridising journey, as Greg Norman says " The journey is the reward"

Cheers, Andrew.

Here is a link that might be useful: last update.

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Gee Andrew, for a second there I thought you were going to hang it all up! It's a nice plant, but hardly the end of the journey. What are you going to pollinate it with? ;-)

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I think it's great that you are creating plants that you want to grow in your environment. For the most part, that is my goal also.

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Nice work - Gold Fever was one of the broms that first grabbed my attention and c-a is one that I definetely have to get so nice to see them combined. Plants that can stand up to the hot dry summers are what I need so keep working on those goals and we'll all be happy!

I hope yr current and future journeys are as successful!


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DonÂt worry LisaÂitÂs not the end of *my* hybridising journeyÂjust the end of this c-a hybridising chapter. And IÂve actually got no plans to use this plant for further workÂmaybe just a touch of variegation would be a nice addition ;-) The plan for this hybrid was hatched about 3 yrs ago when I was fixated on large landscape neos & marmorationÂnow that fixation has been somewhat satisfiedÂand IÂve moved onto a number of other neo fixationsÂzonation, striation, & miniÂs to name a few! I do have some more c-a hybrids that will be useful in further hybridizing, a few c-a x Royal Hawaiian are developing nicely & if they develop the rosette of RH in our climate IÂll be a very happy hybridizer.

Good to hear youÂre into the idea "regional hybrids" Nick, I think there is unlimited potential in producing plants that are ideally suited to the local conditions.

Kristan, IÂll save a pup just for you ;-)

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Hi Andrew,

What a great end result.

I've followed the progress of this cross with great interest and it's been very educational to share the hybridizing journey with you and thanks for taking us on the trip.

If someone reading our posts are thinking about doing a little hybridizing, this sort of trip is what can really help them make up their mind.

A great idea, and thanks for sharing your journey with us.

Long live the hybridizer!

All the best, Nev.

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Thanks for taking us along on your journey.

I would love to see your next one.


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