Less than an inch of rain in the past five weeks

californianFebruary 8, 2011

This year started off really good with ten inches of rain in December alone, but then the rain just about stopped, and January and February are supposed to be the rainiest months. Looks like the La Nina predictions of another drought year were right except for the freak December storms.

The weather reports predict no rain for the next five days so my hopes for a really good year for my fruit trees is slowly fading.

But my Kumquat tree is loaded with the biggest, sweetest tasting fruit it ever made thanks to the December rain.

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wcgypsy(10 / Sunset 23)

I heard on the news a week or so ago that in a La Nina year, we get our rain in Oct., Nov., and Dec. Hadn't heard this before. There was mention on the news tonight of a slight chance of rain this next week. I'm actually surprised at the areas on my property that are still wet /damp....those areas that are shaded and have a lot of leaf litter. This will be the year to see how much of my long established plantings can survive. Things are going to have to make it on very, very little water or get
pulled. The water costs are just insane.

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The SD Tribune has a rain guessing contest every year. This year I guessed 9.87. I need almost 1.5 inches more. I am hoping for rain early next week. My rain barrel is almost empty.

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wcgypsy(10 / Sunset 23)

Do they have their rain gauge at the Trib offices? I'm pretty sure we've had more rain than that up in Fallbrook so far.....

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caavonldy(8/9 N CA)

I noticed that I have to water some of my winter vegies. Things were doing well with all the rain. Even the frost we had up here in the N. Sacto Valley didn't bother anything. I need to replant some things.A jack rabbit got into our garden and ate all my lettuce and spinach. I have some row covers I found and I am hoping that they will keep the rabbits from getting into the next bunch of seedlings. They are predicting rain next week, but I can't wait till then to get my plants watered.

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I"m starting to water again.

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Showers predicted for Southern California next week. Yay!

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For us old time bay areans,the break in the rain isnt unusual,its that we have been in that 68-80f range in that mid winter break,smashing-no exagerration when the old records are mid 60's and then we come along with 80f- THAT's unusual and enough to send you back in onto the GW crowds bandwagon after you left in all that late Nov cold and Dec rains. Bay area temps this time of year are like clockwork-55h-65h at most...70s? 80?!

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I have a hard time imagining that this won't be the warmest Feb in L.A. history, I'm now germinating tomatoes & squash outside with no bottom heat, the brassicas are bolting and the aphids are in full force. I swear I'm halfway thinking of going bodysurfing in the ocean today in just shorts.

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