can ANYONE identify these plants and give me care help!

KittieKATApril 29, 2014

I got these plants they were severely dehydrated and dying i watered them and put them on a window sill and now the seem to be doing worse! But i can't figure out what kind of succulents they are too care for them!

Please help me figure out what they are, And how to save THEM!

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This one circled in yellow seems to be doing really bad, he looses leaves and some are turning brown and mushy and falling off EVERYDAY! Please tell me what plant this is and how to save him and take care of him

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The green one is very matte looking and color worse
The other one circled is very jelly like
Any idea what these are, And how to care for them?

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adamharbeck(WA Aust)

Look like horribly etiolated echeverias and crassula campfire.They need more ligh if they are to recover. if you have a mild climate they should probably go outside. but not straight away, you will need to harden them off so they dont scorch. dont listen to pininterest, unfortunately most succulents are not suitable as houseplants.

Have a read of this

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I second that, not to mention what you are describing with leaves getting mushy and falling off sounds like way too much water. Probably a mix of soil that retains too much water coupled with them receiving too much. The most basic soil correction would be adding perlite or pumice to store bought cactus soil in a 50/50 ratio. How often have they been watered? And yes, more sun!

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I saved these guys from a cvs who was not caring for them, every week i stop by and take home. All the plants that are pretty much dying. They were kept inside a store without water for a very long time, i watered them prob for the first time prob in months.. I've been keeping them off the sun porch because the wind and the cold has been knocking them over and freezing them. They are currently next to a window tat is mostly sunny to train them until it gets less windy and more sunny. I have many cacti and succulents just having a really hard time figuring which ones these are to properly take care of them. They need to be re-potted but not until i find proper pots to place them. I've tried to propergate many leaves but wwhile having them Dry out they have turned mushy and black?!?!

Any one have any idea what the first plant in picture#1 is with the long leaves with the red tips?

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Too etiolated (stretched out) to tell what they are (in the 1st pic).

Invest in a bag of perlite & mix this up 50/50 soil to perlite (keep using these clay pots). If you can't do that, then don't bother w/ these plants, they won't make it.

Sorry, but they've been badly stretched, overwatered & then given both direct sun & freezing cold?

Also potted in too rich a mix (holds water too long) & is likely rotting their roots.

The last pic looks like several kinds of Echeveria.

These are all likely to be Crassulacae (family of Jades). When healthy, they'd like strong sun (after gradual exposure) & medium watering.

The first rule of growing succulents, is about watering & says: when it doubt about watering, don't. This is because Succulents can survive underwatering, but not overwatering (which can cause rot & death).

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I have many many succulents and ccacti, in my home i use the when in doubt...don't method on ALL my plants i usually DON'T have to water my pants for a free weeks if not at ALL unless i notice my finger is dry when sticking into the soil about to my knuckle. Like i said i saved these plants they were mostly dead when i bought them i watered them once And removed most of the dead leaves, i have a cacti/succulent mix i use to pot my plants...the original soil used was hard and dry the bone where i couldn't even free the roots enough to repot them. I know they are elongated from being inside a store for so long searching for the sun. The first picture is a totally different looking plant I'll try and take a different picture to show what it looks like. I live in MA right now we are currently having sunny hot days then really really cold rainy windy nights, that is why they are NOT on my Sun porch, instead but a sunny window until IT becomes MORE sunny AND less windy so they don't get chilled and knocked over.

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Better pic of number1

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See the red on the tips of the leaves?

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This is the other one in the same pot, abit smaller

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

Plant in these last 2 pix is a Crassula. If grown well, it could resemble C. 'Campfire'.

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It will be really tricky to identify them until they've started growing normally, but treating them as you would any succulent will be just fine; they're not super fancy or finicky varieties that require specialized care, that much I can tell from the pics. Pic 2 may be some kind of sedeveria, pic 3 on the right is some kind of echeveria.

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Yea i try save only the worst off in hopes i can propergate them after they've Gotton healthy-er...hopes are high!!!

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Any idea on how to propagate them, I've been having horrible luck with my clippings they just turn mushy when drying them out for the few days

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Generally it is difficult if not impossible to propagate from plants that are unhealthy :(. What you described with the leaves shriveling and turning mushy and black is them rotting, either from the leaves getting too wet or just because the plants are in such bad shape the leaves can't survive.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

SPapa's comment above is right on the mark.

Sorry, but it's really wasted effort & also wastes our time to try to suggest how to save such far gone plants. I am sorry, don't mean to be mean, but it's the truth.

Unless you invest in some perlite & amend that soil by adding at least 50% perlite to it, the plants will keep crashing. This soil only works at the greenhouse of the distributor, it's too peaty for life outside the greenhouse, just so you know.

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In talking about propagating from healthy plants..... I'm assuming it's because the weather is crappy, bearley
And all my plants are in a succulent and cacti mix

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

I see you're new here, welcome.

Pls. do some reading around here on mixes. While it's good that you're already using Cactus & Succulent mix (C&S for short), you will quickly see that many if not most of us here have learned to amend our C&S mixes (w/perlite or pumice, at least 30% or 50% to be safest), 'cause these days, commercial mixes have too much peat in them (kills out plants) &/or include wetting agents to retain water (also kills our plants).

Others of us on here use mixes you'll see mentioned as Gritty Mix or variations of 5:1:1, things like that, which over time folks have learned worked well for them.

Also some of these pre-made mixes contain fertilizer as well, which many of us wish to control ourselves rather than someone unfamiliar w/ our growing conditions.

There are lots of opinions on mixes, but key & accepted by all of us is that to grow C&S, we need fast draining mix & what you've pictured above doesn't look like that.

So that's an improvement that could be made easily & help the plants more that almost anything else one could try.

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My mix is a mixture of shpagnum peat moss, sand, perlite. It actually seems to drain just a little to much cause i normally user a spray bottle to control water and moisture and only do a flood of water when outta really really sunny out and then wait till the soil is completely dry to mist again

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