Neo Erv's Special and Neo. John Barbie

chrisn82December 22, 2008

Hi friends,

Does anyone know anything about these two similar if not identical Neos? At a glance, they seem to have melanodonta and possibly concentrica in their genetic make up. N. Erv's Special shows up in the BSI registry but no where else and N. John Barbie shows up no where.

Erv's Special

John Barbie

Take care and happy holidays everyone!


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mike4284m(z10b Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Beautiful. They kind of remind me of Ninja.

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If these are your plants....always go back to the source and try to track down the name. It could be any of several plants...Ninja doesn't come to mind from these photo's
Concentrica of some origin

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Hey Chris

Looks like the same "animal" to me!

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I already have the names. What I was asking is if they are the same or not being the two different names. Since the people these plants belong to cannot tell me anything further than the name and speculation that they have Neo. melanodonta and Neo. concentrica in their parentage based on visual appearance, Ive inquired on here.

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