BST Eggs and Cats!!!

treehugger101July 14, 2014

After missing my first round of cats - they emerged and left before I got to see them - we have a new batch! They just hatched. There are still a couple of eggs. Now I have a cage. Should I bring them in the cage now or wait for another instar? I am so excited!!!

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Bring them in as soon as possible before they all get eaten by something.

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Yep, I agree. It is amazing how quick they disappear if you don't. I think I read somewhere that only 2 out of 100 caterpillars make it to a butterfly. Don't know if that is accurate, but it sure seems like A LOT of them get eaten or just die if I don't bring them in.

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Thanks! I just pulled 3 cats and 1 egg. There are ants all over the plants. I hope they did not get the others. I will look daily in case I missed any. I am so happy!!! Thank you!!!

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The egg is black. Now I read it could be infested with a parasitic wasp. Is that true or do they turn black before hatching? I removed it from the cage with the cats just in case. Thanks for your help!!!

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Do you know how long it has been since the egg has been laid? The eggs do turn black before hatching (actually the black cat inside), but I can usually see some of the clear egg as well. Once they turn black, they hatch pretty quick, so I would say you should have a caterpillar at least by tomorrow morning, if it is good.

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No idea. It was on the same plant as the tiny cats I pulled off. I will check tomorrow AM and see. It is so exciting!!! Thanks for your help, spiroan!

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