Haworthia turgida

Ohio_Green_Thumb(Zone 5b NW Ohio)December 31, 2005

This perfect little plant is intent on sending up an inflorescence in the dead of winter. Is it confused? It's been receiving natural light ever since I brought it in this fall. It also gets cool temps since it is in a window (south facing). I thought Haws bloomed in the spring!


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It's normal, Amy. I have several in varying degrees of blooming right now, too. I think the only time mine won't bloom is in the hottest part of the summer. Otherwise, you can never tell when one will shoot a spike. A very nice specimen, BTW!

Denise in Omaha

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Ohio_Green_Thumb(Zone 5b NW Ohio)

Thanks Denise. I've also got a small Gasteria in the basement that's sending up a spike. It amazes me how plants know when it's time to bloom, even if there are no windows in the room and the only available light is that from fluorescent bulbs on a timer!

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tjsangel(z5 OH)

That Haworthia is beautiful! My Aloe Variegata is getting ready to send up a stalk now. Isnt it cool?


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deefar(zone 5 NY)

That is a beautiful specimen you have. I have a Haworthia that is getting ready to bloom also.


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succulentfreak(N. CA - Z8)

Me too! I have a haw and a gasteria that are sending up shoots. Somethings always going on the succulent garden..isn't that great! ~Amy

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