Hydrogen Peroxide on Plants?

calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)February 23, 2008

Been reading about using Hydrogen Peroxide on house plants. I googled and found some interesting stuff. Seems that Peroxide has many uses pretty much like WD40. I also brought up information on GW search and it seems that many people have used peroxide for watering their house plants, etc. I've used the peroxide in my pond to control algae and the usual scratches, etc., but on plants I haven't! Any opinions, tips, etc. for this product?

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Calpat---You use it in your pond to control algae? I never thought of that. How much per gallon? Do birds still drink out of your pond? I know chlorine is in our water, but I don't want to add anymore. The chemicals that are safe for fish and animals that I can find to control algae really don't work well. I don't have fish in my pond/waterfall.

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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

I buy the peroxide at the Dollar store, 2 16 0z bottles for $1.00. My pond is just a cheapie that I got at HD, it's about 5 ft. long by 2 1/2 ft. wide. I have no idea how many gallons(sorry). No longer have fish as the neighboring cats eat them. Birds still bathe and drink from pond with no problems. During the hot weather I still have to scoop out algae, then add one bottle of Peroxide while adding additional water. I hope someone on this forum has tried the peroxide on house plants & responds! Pat

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Ok thanks. If I had fish the darn racoons would eat them.

Measurements should be in feet: Maximum length x Maximum width x 0.8 (unless your pond is completely square, if so use the whole number) x Average depth x 7.48 = Total gallons.

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wanda(Z9 CA)

I use barley straw in my pond to control algae and it does a good job. Hydrogen peroxide shouldn't hurt your fish. If I remember correctly, it contains oxygen, and I think I remember adding it to my fish tanks years (and years) ago to oxygenate the water when there were long power outages and the pumps/filters weren't running.

Sorry, I haven't tried it on plants, but I think I read/heard that somewhere too.


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done a lot of research on using peroxide and its safe to use it oxygenates the soil. i would like to know if you can add the peroxide mix with the plant food water,here is a good link www.using-hydrogen-peroxide.com/gardening-with-hydrogen-peroxide.html

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Hydrogen peroxide is H2O2 which degrades to Oxygen and water. Small amounts are harmless as it is produced in small quantities in all aerobic organisms, but it is a VERY strong oxidizing agent and is therefore highly toxic in large quantities. Given its oxidative potential, I would imagine that it would very quickly degrade any OM in your soil.


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Hydrogen peroxide applied to blossoms (or is it the seeds) is supposed to cause mutations in the seeds produced by the flower, useful when trying to purposefully cause mutations to develop new varieties. Anyway that's what some plant breeder told me many years ago. You can even gargle with hydrogen peroxide so its not poisonous, at least if you don't swallow it. Some brands of toothpaste put hydrogen peroxide in it as a whitening agent.

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The peroxide sold at the drugstore is heavily diluted. I think it's 98% water. Pure hydrogen peroxide is very dangerous. It's been used as rocket fuel.

I understand that big farming operations use something called urea hydrogen peroxide. This also has to be diluted before it can be applied to crops. One source I read said that a container of pure peroxide could explode if a drop of blood fell into it. By the way, urea hydrogen peroxide is also used to bleach hair.

One time, just out of curiosity, I tried watering a plant with drugstore peroxide straight out of the bottle. Not a good idea, it turns out. It foamed up so much that it pushed half the soil out of the 4-inch pot.

I have heard, however, that 2% peroxide can be added to water and then used to water plants. It's supposed to help plants recover from over-watering. I've no idea if it works.

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