Where to Buy 'Tasman' Vrieseas in the US??

mjhuntingtonbeachDecember 18, 2009

I'm a long time grower of most anything exotic and mundane, from cacti to orchids to plumeria, etc., and lately my interest has been wandering towards bromeliads (I've been thinking of getting one or two above and beyond the handful of Tillandsias I already have).

I found a website (link below) that has pictures of some very beautiful Vriesea hybrids in the "Tasman" series from V. 'Tasman Aurora' through V. 'Tasman Watermelon', and I'm itching to try and grow some of these beautiful foliage plants - I find the color patterns fascinating.

However I've been looking all over the web and haven't stumbled on a US source for buying these beautiful plants. Is it that they're only available in Australia/New Zealand, or am I not looking in the right place. Help!


and a previous posting here with some great pictures:


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Currently there is no source for these in the cont. US.

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Getting plants in or out of New Zealand seems to be very difficult. John Arden, in Vista, has done some very nice foliage Vriesea hybrids. A bit closer to home. You may be able to find a source for David Shiigi's hybrids too.

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Lisa, is MB selling your Vrieseas yet? Last time I was there, which was quite a while ago, he made it very clear they were not for sale.

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Me thinks you maybe a bit optimistic in regards the Tasman series of vrieseas ,As Lisa stated Mr J.Arden has some beautifull Vrieseas and than there is Mr.Shiigi . we dont have the Tasman series here in Oz and thats very close to N.Z. because of import regulations being strict or simply rarety of plant (s) each country eventually seems to finish up having its own core of hybridizers ,in due course plants appear that may very closely resemble the results of someone elses ,this then removes the need to either import /export ,some will allways remain unique to a particular country due to the parents that have been developed ,this goes for all genera and not everything gets tissue cultured ( thank goodness) Some plants never get released ,or simply swapped between friends,( yes even hybridizers have friends ) and then even if some are available ,are you willing to pay the price ? but best of luck ,but i think i would shop a bit closer to home ,or write to N.Z and import any if available . Jack

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I don't know, Nick, you'd have to ask Michael. If he gets requests for certain items, he generally passes them on to me. I try not to send him a bunch of stuff he hasn't asked for.

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"yes even hybridizers have friends"
That's news to me..... ;-)

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Hi Mj, it might be your lucky day ! just noticed you and maybe and others are after the Registered Tasmans. Peter Coyle of totara waters has a collection of these plants and if a order is large enough he may be willing to organise photo santary papers and send overseas. Contact them via the 'Totara waters' web site. While we are talking about Tasmans, see below one of Andrew maloys latest offerings just in time for xmas , The Vreisea 'Cherry snow'. This is 2 tasmans crossed together, all those other than Kerry can guess the cross.

A very Merry Christmas to all on the GW.

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Boy, you just had to turn the knife in the wound, didn't you, Jaga?

(mopping drool off the floor)

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Yep, I already know the parents of V. 'Cherry Snow'. What a stunner!

Also wishing all a safe and happy silly season. May the Fat Man bring you lots of gorgeous bromeliads!

K xx

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WOW..... I wont even attempt to name the X, but stunning!

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Would it be Vri Cherry Wine x Coconut Ice Jaga?

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Most of John Arden's really, REALLY, nice stuff won't be released for a while. Some has already been spoken for but there is a lot that still needs to be grown out.

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Half right bromaholic- the name should be a dead giveaway. ie Vr Tasman Cherry Wine x Vr Snowman.

Happy holidays

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Ok you guys in N.Z win ,thats a cracker of a plant ,just lovely .that will be hard to beat ,makes one wonder though ,what else can be achieved further down the track ,no wonder the Brom thing is so addictive both in breeding as well as collecting .

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Hi everyone,

Jaga that sure is a beautiful plant from the NZ stable and thanks for sharing it with us.

Jack, what's all this bull...t you've written "OK you guys in NZ win". It's bad enough when they win the rugby and win at making the best Sauvignon Blanc in the world without encouraging them any further. I think there's quite a few of yours up there in that same class.

Seriously though, I totally agree with you when you say "makes one wonder though, what else can be achieved further down the track". Just looking at the new hybrids that are also popping up in Neo's (I use Lisa's batch of babies she posted recently as an example) as well as Vrieseas, gives us food for thought about what lies ahead in the future. The mind boggles at the possibilities.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to come back in a hundred years and see what the hybridists have have been up to?

As I've said before, "long live the hybridists"

All the best, Nev.

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Hi Nev ,Its only this round that they win , besides a little encouragement goes a long way ,they do make a good drop of wine though ,But indeed it would be good to come back and see what else has gone on .In truth though ,when one looks around at what has taken place ( specially in the last 2 decades )around the world ,it is amazing what has been achieved ,The only thing that would improve Vr. 'Cherry Snow ' is ? having it in my growing house .

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