A Spray For Spider Mites ??

poohbearlvr(S.Fla ,Z10)April 1, 2014

Does anyone know of a spray for spider mites on Brugmansias? Something affordable and that I can get at like Lowes or Home Depot or online, that wont kill the plant along with the mites. I finally got a Brug. PLANT online with a great looking odd bloom, and I want to prevent mites, or get rid of them IF they show up this time. They killed my entire collection of Brugs. And the sprays I used on them, that were for flowering shrubs, ended up killing the plants, along with the spider mites. Or do you have a home made concoctions that I can try?

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Bayer 3-n-1.

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poohbearlvr(S.Fla ,Z10)

I used THAT spray and it killed all my Brugs. That's why I am looking for something else.

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poohbearlvr(S.Fla ,Z10)

Can insecticidal soap sprays be used on brugs. and NOT kill the plant? I am almost positive that I used Safers soap spray and it killed all my Brugs. that I didn't use the Bayers 3 in 1 spray. It has been so long since I have had a LIVE Brug. plant, and now that I do, and have such a rare /odd color, I want to make sure this one lives and thrives. Will the soap dry out the leaves? Or is that the answer. 'An ounce of prevention' as they say. Once they take over, I have to cut them down to nearly stumps and see if I get any growth back on it. So I want to prevent them,and get rid of them IF they turn up this time.

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elysianfields(9b CA)

Three parts water one part Palmolive dish soap, or if your Brugs are outside, a wash with the hose will do it daily. Mites hate water. I've only had mites on Brugs grown indoors so I no longer try it. I do not spray any of my plants outside but I do use fish emulsion fertilizer which stinks and perhaps makes the plants taste horrific?

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poohbearlvr(S.Fla ,Z10)

My Brug. is outside, and just spraying water on them does nothing but make the plant wet. I might try the soap spray, but it will dry out the leaves along with the spider mites. I know how to grow anything, but Brugs. are just the bane of my gardening existence. I love them, but when it gets hot,and DRY, the mites turn up and trying to get rid of them, ends up in dead plants.

I have even contacted my local agr. extension agent. I am now waiting for a reply from them. IF I had the money for Avid, I would buy it. But I don't. It is a great spider mite killer! But it is a wettable powder, and it is like $50 for the smallest pack of it, when you can find it, and you only need like 1/4 teaspoon in a gallon, and once it is opened, it goes bad fast. So it is spending $50 for a $20 plant that I am trying to get up growing and blooming.

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I hope you spray after the sun goes into your shaded areas for the day as almost any chemical spray can burn if used during the wrong time of the day.

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